Problems visualizing GAIST and REX Airport textures

Hi all. I have just few addons in my Community folder, since my HW is low-medium end and I don’t want to overload. Everything I have works except of the GAIST (ship traffic) and Rex global airport textures.
The GAIST scores 4.73GB and 8230 files, the REX 1,05GB and 611 files. I followed the procedures to copy the mentioned folders in the Community one. Does anyone have different sizes of these folders? Does anyone experienced and solved visualization problems as I’m experiencing?
Thanks in adavance to all that will want to help.

I only have GAIST of the two, and can confirm 8230 files for 4.74GB.

Just to verify, how did you set your traffic? The author writes that you need to set Ship & Ferries traffic to 5% or more (5% should be all that’s required).

Another thing you could try is delete the rolling cache, delete the content.xml file in /LocalCache and the contents of /LocalCache/SceneryIndexes/ (those will get recreated as soon as you launch MSFS again).

Thanks for the help. Yes the traffic settings are correct. Will try with the rolling cache and the other files.