Problems with trimming

Hey Guys, I dont know why, but I can not trim my elevator for more than 50%.
Were are the settings to disable that?
Thank’s for your help. :slight_smile:

… because if you were able to set it to 100% there would not be any elevator travel left, either in up or down direction.

MSFS most likely models elevator trim as a % of elevator travel I am assuming (corrct me if I am wrong).

This is somewhat correct for larger aircrafts, which often have a gear to move the entire elevator (but even there it is never 50% of entire travel.
For (often smaller) aircraft with trim tabs as seen here, the trim tab can move up to 100% in deflection (deg) of the elevator travel (look in the maintance manuals, there the deg of travel for each control surface is documented).

C172 elevator and trim tab

C172R maintenance manual (travel)

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What are you asking exactly? Are you talking about the elevator trim not moving past 50% travel? Or the elevator itself?

You should be able to move the trim between full nose-up and full nose-down. The resulting elevator position is a function of trimtab position and airspeed.

The faster you fly the more effective the trim and therefore the resulting elevator position is further towards the trailing edge up or down position, maybe even full deflection on some aircraft.

Additional to @Nijntje91‘s reply:

The sim handles trim fundamentally wrong but without any alternative: if you don‘t move your joystick (pendant to the real world (small GA) would be to hold the yoke/stick in place with all the force it takes) and then trim up the sim aircraft will raise the nose massively. In the teal airplane doing that will increase the force on the control but will change the behaviour only very little and nose down. As our joystick or yoke won‘t move by itself the trim can‘t be simulated correctly.

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This is a bug introduced with SU5 :

It also affects a lot of other behaviors of trim, either you use an axis or buttons.

The Problem is that the display shows only 50% trim.
I think the rest is no issue.

From my experimentation any default airplane is broken in one way or another to the point that I don’t want to waste my time on them. That said any modded default airplane or just flights GA planes trim and fly just fine. My favorite is DA62 mod I fly DA62 in Xplane all the time and picked up modded one in MSFS. They both are very comparable to each other in flight dynamics including trimming. I got to the point that I’m editing all the bush trips that come with MSFS and FS Academy flight school scenarios that I’m playing around with so they fly in DA62 mod.