Profile or settings for Saitek X52 wanted

Hello everybody,
I’m looking for a profile for the Saitek x52 Flight Control System. I’ve been looking for days and can’t find anything. The standard profile is far from sufficient for the MSFS.

Maybe someone already has one or can someone help me with the settings in MSFS?
Thank you !


you dont like to configure itself?
I think this is better, because everyone has his own setup for buttons.
But, i can tell you my assignement later when u want :wink:

I can help you to set up

Hello TrickedList137,

if you can help me, that would be great

Unfortunately, I cannot cope with my own configure or I am too clumsy.

Okay here you get it.


[ 1 - Sensitivity]

First, choose your X52 and then go to Sensitivity

Set this up
(You can adjust it to your taste, but its important that the Sensitivity for Siderudder, R-AXIS Z, is set up like in the Image. Because the standart setting hits too hard e.g. when you rolling on the Runway)

[ 2 - Key Assignement]


(1) Brakes
(2) Toggle Autopilot Master
(5) Cockpit / External view Mode
(6) Toggle Parking Brakes
(7) Toggle Throttle Reverse Thrust
(8) Toggle Spoilers
(9) Decrease Flaps
(10) Increase Flaps
(11) Toggle Landing LIghts
(12) Toggle Landing Gear
(13) Toggle Lights
(15) NOT ASSIGNED YET (Second Stage of Button 1)
(20) Elevator Trim Down (Nose Down)
(21) Rudder Trim Right
(22) Elevator Trim Up (Nose Up)
(23) Rudder Trim Left
(24) Increase Cockpit View High
(25) Decrease Cockpit View High
(26) Unzoom Cockpit View & Unzoom Extermal VIew
(27) Zoom Cockpit View & Zoom External VIew

(POV UP) …Cockpit Look Up & External Look Up
(POV UP RIGHT) …Cockpit Look Up Right & External Look Up Right
(POV RIGHT) …Cockpit Look Right & External Look Right
(POV DOWN RIGHT) …Cockpit Look Down Right & External Look Down Right
(POV DOWN) …Cockpit Look Down & External Look Down
(POV DOWN LEFT) …Cockpit Look Down Left & External Look Down Left
(POV LEFT) …Cockpit Look Left & External Look Left
(POV UP LEFT) …Cockpit Look Up Left & External Look Up Left

So i hope i can help you with this, when not feel free and ask :slight_smile:




Mine is slightly different to Trickedlist’s list.
See it as additions or alternatives.
3. Nose down - trimming
4. Nose up - trimming
15. Park brake (1+15) getting some “use” to it but saves other switches for different functions.

Also good for flaps when you need to have your hand on the stick.
5. toggle flaps down
6. Toggle flaps up

As Tricklist said everyone has his/her own preference. Just experiment and I am sure you can sort it out.

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Resurrecting an old thread… I got an X52 for Christmas. I’m using mostly the default configuration with some tweaks for Mode 1, but I set up Mode 2 for autopilot controls. e.g. In Mode 1, hat2 controls the elevator and rudder trim, but in Mode 2 it controls the heading and VS. Mode 2 also has the various AP modes on the joystick toggle buttons.

I use the pinkie button as a modifier. e.g. The default for hat1 is to look in the various directions, but if the pinkie button is held down, hat1 will translate the view in the various directions instead.

I recently set up the 2nd trigger as “next smartcam target” (1st trigger is smartcam by default) and this seems to be working well. So if the smartcam isn’t looking at what I want, I squeeze the trigger further to switch to the next one. I also have set pinkie+trigger to reset the smartcam.

I’m curious how other people might be using the Mode switch and pinkie button.

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Hi, Forum is english, cant understand you good enough to know what you want

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Could you share your setup. In mode 2
I am currently using x52 but would like to extend functions as I use vr

I’ve PM’d you a link to the printout of the X52 controller profile and the profile itself. Unfortunately, the printout does not show the key assignments but it does show the description of the commands I’ve defined.

Mode 2 and the pinkie modifier work by sending keyboard commands, so the keys configured on the X52 need to match what is defined to the keyboard in the sim. I’ve mostly used the default keyboard commands, but there are some that needed to be defined or changed in the sim. So if something doesn’t work, make sure the key being sent by the X52 matches the key defined in the sim.

I’ve also disabled the clutch button in the USB Game Controller properties, so that the button could be used as the brake.


Thank you for this excellent work.
I’ll give it a try and let you know.

This is my first time writing. I’m a recently paralyzed person and after a year in the hospital at Stanford University they got the upper part of my body working. So my friends got together and bought me the new MSFS and Logitech x52 joystick. I sustained a head injury in my fall and I don’t mentally function quite as well.
I’m looking for a print out of what the default joystick settings are. So where are the flaps and landing gear etc. The joystick works fine its the operator who’s got issues. Thank you Mike

If you are still interested, I have mapped the FS2020 X52 profile. I have done this in PowerPoint, so if you want the PP version to modify yourself, send me your email, as this site does not allow PDF or PowerPoint uploads.




Nice work !
Can you send me the PP-file?

Me too please

Any chance you could forward me your profiles in pp too?

Awesome work!! I’d appreciate a PPT also.

Same too please