Program step climbs in FMS (787)

I have a question about Simbrief step climbs and importing them into the FMS. The aircraft I’m currently flying is the default dreamliner 787 (with heavy division mod), but this question might also apply to other aircraft with an FMS.

When I generate a flightplan in Simbrief with stepclimbs and import that flightplan into the FMS, the step climbs are not transferred to the waypoints in the FMS. Only the initial cruise flight level is set to all waypoints on the legs page. So, what should I do if the Simbrief flightplan proposes a step climb at e.g. waypoint ETNIC from FL370 to FL390?

I tried entering “/390” manually at waypoint ETNIC, but this is not accepted. But, this could also be a shortcoming or bug in the 787 (or heavy division mod).

How would this normally be done?


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