Project Life: Bahamas

So I started with my own scenery development project in the Bahamas, its a really beautiful area to fly in , but sadly the airports are very bare bones, so I decided to add a little bit more life in them, I really enjoy flying from one custom scenery to another, so whilst I am flying, I am looking forward to see the eye candy when I land.

With that said these sceneries aren’t a real representation of the actual airport, except for one Cat Cay (MYCC), which I really tried to replicate as it was a community requested airport on (my go to addon website). I really enjoy small highly detailed airports with lots of eye candy, so for me this was a joy to create, but it took me lots of hours.

I wanted to create a topic for this in order for me to get feedback and constructive criticism about my ability to create scenery as I am contemplating on joining a team that does payware addons for MSFS 2020, all the airports I have created have been built from scratch, runways , taxiways, apron, taxiways lighting, painted lines, painted hatched areas, the only thing I did not create was the models, those are libraries available on

Below is the link and some photos for the Mega pack I created for my sceneries and that I keep updated regularly as I add new airports , but each airport can be downloaded separately as well, so far I have created 7 airports within the Bahamas

Project Life: Bahamas Megapack all assets needed are in the description, and all credits go to the creators of the models, without them , this wouldn’t have been possible.


Dude - you kidding?

These look outstanding (and I’m picky)

I would not blow smoke your way if I didn’t think so.
You absolutely need to be designing and releasing add-ons!


Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it ! If you do fly there, let me know what you think, I am planning to add some water parking spots for the floats in the recent update.

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Amazing pics! I’m going to download and check it out. I love flying the Bahamas, just came back from 10 days on boat. We visited Chub Cay, Harbour Island, Spanish Wells, and Bimini.

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That sounds awesome, have fun flying there, but please remember this is a fictional layout and not a real representation, other than that… happy island hopping!

Looking excellent! I hope at some point they can change the colors on the vests of the airport workers. Everyone looks exactly the same in the yellow vests everywhere. Change the vest colors, no vests etc. Needs variety.

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I fully agree on that, and some new animations with the tarmac workers would be great aswell …but we can only hope that will bring some variety.

Yesss thanks for this awesome addon!
Looks like I will have a few exotic amphibian plane island flights selling some coconut rum to islanders sailors and surfers so they can play their Banjo better around the evening campfire on the beach. :smiley:

(Hint: These sceneries look absolutely fantastic but some airplanes are not parked but almost stacked above each other around some buildings. You should remove a few of the too densely packed general aviation planes for more realism, but other wise a wonderful scenery inviting to dream of adventures in exotic places.)

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Amazing hard work, much appreciated Coffee all round.

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Apologies for the long absence, but life happened, anyway… picking back up the bahamas scenery mega pack … so for starters…

I have added Deadmans Cay (MYLD) to the package… enjoy


Wow I absolutely love these scenery and fly it very often. Here is a video showing landing on one of your airports:

Perfect airports for flying coconut liqueur deliveries for the natives. This Huey helicopter… is this an addon DLC plane or does this 3D model belong to the scenery?
The plane next to it is the Milviz Corsair.
Thanks for making this beautyful scenery.

There is a freeware Huey on, pretty good and soon to be updated.

Thank you so much! the corsair is not the miviz one… its part of the scenery libraries thats needed for the sceneries, which can be found here ( Libraries for Microsoft Flight Simulator | ), I saw some objects are missing in your video, just make sure to read the description carefully for all the add on libraries thats needed and thats free on

Happy flying!

Thank you, the huey is part of the libraries thats needed for the scenery, its not a stand alone model, Happy flying!

This is awesome. You definitely have talent. Keep going I say :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! another scenery is soon to be released so keep an eye out


Normans Cay (MYEN) is done , hope you guys like it, happy flying!


Nice addon, only not all Dependancies are visible (bottom ones) cause not able to scroll.
Would be nice to get the full list.

I don’t know why I haven’t found this before but it’s really nicely done. Such good placement of objects. Really dense and I don’t care if it’s not “real” to each airport - it looks amazing. Good job!!

@A51PieFly - did you take the job with the scenery developer? :slight_smile:

You can see the full list on the “Dependencies“ tab lower down the page.

Thx, found it!

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