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Hi all,

As I am getting closer to getting my cockpit delivered, I am currently exploring whether I should go for Prosim or Project Magenta.

Prosim seems obscenely expensive and is 3 times the price of Project Magenta. As far as I can tell, Project Magenta does more or less the same thing as Prosim.

I was wondering if anyone has used Project Magenta on the OpenCockpits module. If so, please share your experience


I can’t speak to the open cockpits module. But I can tell you that I did build a 737 cockpit using Project Magenta software years ago and it worked flawlessly. Support was quick and resolved any stupid thing I did. My vote PM.

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I guess it depends on what type of aircraft you are wanting to fly and in what level of detail. For Boeing or Airbus PM has some advantages however for a more flexible and much cheaper route I would consider Air Manager.

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Im looking to use the 737 avionics software from either PM or Prosim

PM seems cheaper but the main challenge im facing is whether it does what Prosim can do.

Hello Saoud,

I’ve been actively building since 2003. I have full PM suite software for A320 , you may read more on my personel blog how the software developed over time.

I have decided to use ProSim in my setup since 2020 due to many reasons. In my opinion it is the best simulation software out there, still evolving and developing but it is simply the best. My suggestion would be prosim.

Best Regards from Istanbul
Okan Sacli

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Hi Okan,

Thanks for the reply.

I need to evaluate whether Prosim is really worth the premium price compared to Project Magenta’s more reasonable price