PSA: Xbox Reserved Space & Storage Expansion Card

For those who have an Xbox and are interested in a Storage Expansion Card and how that interfaces with the sim, I have some data to share.

I have a number of Xboxes here at my home and have a couple of storage expansion cards, too.

I have the sim installed on a 1TB Storage Expansion Card on my living room Series X. I had wanted to test some aspects of SU12 beta on my son’s Xbox Series S. I thought it would be as simple as plugging the Expansion Card into the Series S and doing some testing. Well, it appears that the entire Reserved Space (where all Marketplace, custom camera settings and some other settings are saved) for the sim is not stored on the Expansion Card. Once I plugged the card into the Series S and launched the sim, I was prompted to download both the Deluxe and Premium content — I already have this installed.

I was curious.

I went to the Xbox Dashboard—>Microsoft Flight Simulator—>Manage game and add-ons—>Saved Data and looked at the Reserved Space size. It is only 16.0 GB on this S. I have significant amounts of Marketplace content installed on the installation of the sim on the Series X I had this Expansion Card plugged into — 194.6 GB worth. Clearly, all that content has been installed in the Reserved Space on the Series X on the internal storage device rather than the Storage Expansion Card that the sim itself is installed on.

I thought this may be of interest to those of you curious about how your Xbox is going to handle the storage constraints as the sim grows in size both in terms of the base installation size and in terms of whatever Marketplace content you purchase/download.

It looks like the Reserved Space for the sim is installed on the internal storage regardless if you have the sim installed on an external device. Additionally, I’ve seen no way to move the Reserved Space contents nor set which location it gets stored in.

I have no idea if the Reserved Space will “spill over” and be also stored on the external device should the internal reach capacity.

Based on my findings, this will impact Series S users the most. Between the formatting and storage use of the OS, the internal storage is less than the 500 GB total of the device. If you have nothing else installed on the internal device that less-than-500 GB is the total storage you’ve got for Marketplace content. Again, unless there is a mechanism for spillover to the external device.

Likewise, Series X users will have an amount shy of 1 TB — again, due to formatting and OS usage.

Anyhow, this is just some useful information as we move forward and our installs continue to grow with time.


I can confirm the above. Have been looking into the same throughout the SU12 testing flights. I’ve run into this situation which has led to a relentless need to continuously reinstall addons beginning with the premium/deluxe addons. Originally I thought that it was related to the Carenado plane bug where any thing behind 3 or four of the Carenado planes were installed I was unable to get past the “checking for updates” screen.

Have voiced this concern and made it clear that it is a separate issue from the third party addon aircraft that would not allow the sim to load…

Problem: Without installing any add on planes and having installed the a total of what amounts to an accumulation of approx. 400GB of add-on scenery (airports/environments) this triggers the dreaded “checking for updates” loading screen which if on Xbox can only be adverted by a complete wipe and reinstall those on Pc have the ability to move the community folder and remove content.

If you look at the forums, there is a new wave of people who are having this experience with the rollout of SU12 today. The claim fix for the Carenado planes may have the intended fix but this is however a completely separate issue that needs separate attention…

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