[PSA] XPForce force-feedback will be coming to FS2020!

Practically everything is adjustable if you open the configuration. You can save different configs for different aircraft types as well. I wouldn’t expect much of a rumble effect for an airliner taxying to be honest but gear and speedbrake turbulence are definitely there. Try turning up the strength and “exaggeration” of the effects, the SWFFB2 feedback isn’t that strong and sometimes needs a bit of help.

If it won’t launch the sim please get in contact with me via the support email, I’ve heard this from someone else and would like to get it fixed.

Please get in touch via the support email, there should be no crashes at all (obviously).

I raised a ticket [#JCF-432-46360]
Is it the way you expect me to submit the issue ?

Thanks Jim, is there a problem with entering the license key, as someone has stated?..I will buy if there’s not.

No, it’s all fine, you just need to copy/paste the key from the email to the software. Just make sure you get the one for MSFS and not X-Plane. Incidentally I checked the gear-bump and it’s working (and definitely implemented) but much less pronounced on heavy planes. Again, this is adjustable.

Could it work with a racing wheel?

And the single most useful comment is “It works GREAT”

I have a working Sidewinder 2 – that runway roll brought back memories !!!

DO you plan to add any menu system in the future, to be able to control different types of forces ?

BTW: Running Non STEAM install FS2020

Can we assume as of this date 9/21/2020, there referenced Simconnecrt Performance bug is corrected by Asobo ?
Is there anything else as far as Simconnect you are waiting on to complete the design ?

Missed these messages earlier… no, with the new SimConnect fixes in place it’s all working fine. Right now the SimConnect menu features are missing so to access the configuration you need to use the icon in the Windows system tray, but all the same configuration options are there as for the X-Plane version.

No, it won’t work with a wheel, it’s a completely different type of device. Two (or more) axis devices only.

Thanks … read the Documentation last nigh (very Impressive product Documentation - well done), and that alone was enough to make me jump back into the sim, and register.

Yes, I am really exited to have found XPforce, and not have to wait around for competing products to come get updated and come to market.

I found XPForce to appear to be of a very high professional standard, well done – Money well spent.
Looking forward to be able to “FLY” Realistically again with my Sidewinder :slight_smile:

BTW: The Yaw & roll “auto trim” solves another issue I have with GA aircraft always seeing to be untrimmed in Roll & Yaw. Now it looks like I can fix that, and not fly the C172 as if I weighted over 400lb, and constantly had the plane in a slight bank !!

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Have you and/or Russell tried asking ASOBO to add the ability to turn off the sims Trim calculator, and do the forces correctly on the trim tab, and provide sim-connect support to control/read/write the necessary info, so that a TRUE Force Feedback system can be implemented (at last in a MS Sim)

ie Fully support Force Feedback controllers (and not just Stick Shakers, as they seem to be doing at the moment)

I’m assuming you were talking about the Microsoft SidewinderForceFeedBack2 not launching the sim…to get back to you … I’m having same issue with PXN 2113 Thunder Pro …its been terrific in FSX, and the driver from 6 months ago works great you can calibrate and configure force strength , however if i leave THAT driver installed (offering a force test and adjustable slider in its driver properties) it will crash MSFS, but works great in FSX … to even use it at all in the new sim, i must uninstall the driver i had downloaded a year ago for fsx, the new one from the pxn web site, seems more generic, but without feedback control, and no feedback whatsoever … just rumbling down the runway for takeoff with feedback and pulling back on the stick feel more real … i hope these thigs get worked out !

Thank you very much for your work, @jimkeir!

MSFS is a whole new simulator with FFB :star_struck:

However, there’s still room for improvement (for me anyway). I don’t know if this is the place for a feature request, but my Sidewinder is “modded”, I use an F-15 grip on it, and its buttons run through an Arduino which creates a second controller. The issue is that I can’t use the alternate trim system, as I imagine it’s programmed to read Sidewinder’s hat as the trim input.

Would it be possible to add the option for the user to chose which buttons command trim up and down allowing the user to select a hat (or any pair of buttons) from a different joystick from the one which has the actual FFB?

Again, thanks a lot!


Nevermind my comment. I just noticed (probably due to aircraft change) that the alternate trim is linked directly to the trim on the sim, so it works even when I rotate the trim wheel with the mouse.

Keep up the good work and thanks again!

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Hello there!

First of all, thanks for this amazing software which I downloaded tonight. Being able to use my good old FF2 at its max capabilities in FS2020 is mindblowing.

I am not a pilot (I wish!) nor advanced in flight sims. I am trying to understand how trim works with this addon, and I am struggling there. Read the documentation but perhaps my lack of overall knowledge is being an issue here.

With Vanilla game, with buttons 3&4 I could trim the aircraft to level it. Now they do not seem to work the same way. Basically, the plane is constantly changing the trim on its own, mostly pointing downwards, I will pull the joystick backwards to compensate but most of times it’s not enough to gain altitude.

In XPForce preferences, button 3 is for autotrim as default (haven’t changed it) and no button is set for zero trim. When I actually click these buttons in-game, button 3 lifts the nose upwards when holding it (as it would do in vanilla) and button 4 drastically changes it downwards, -100% in many cases.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I not supposed to use these buttons anymore?

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind help!

@Manuelito86, my guess is that this is not related to XPForce, but because of a problem with the MSFS autopilot. It’s a maddening bug that they know about and will be addressed down the road. You could test to make sure that this is the issue by restarting the simulator with XPForce, and doing some test flights without EVER activating the autopilot. If you don’t see the problem on these flights, that would confirm it’s the autopilot bug and not XPForce. Good luck!

Thanks for your kind answer!

Yes you are right, autopilot is definitely damaged in some way, but these issues with the Trim do happen when no autopilot is engaged! That is why I am kind of confused.

I guess I am not fully comprehending how does trim works within XPForce. Do you guys use trim as in vanilla when using XPForce or you don’t touch it at all? If so, in which circumstances do you use “Auto Trim”?

And also why do the Trim buttons behave differently? (Meaning button 3 in FFB2 lifts the nose and button 4 drastically changes it downwards).

Lots of questions, I know. Sorry, I am also trying my best to figure it out on my end :sweat_smile:

It’s a mix of the two. There is indeed a problem with the auto-trim in the current release of XPForce which is mostly fixed in the next - I’ll be updating it shortly. However, I’d strongly recommend using the sim’s own features wherever possible because XPForce has to make guesses as how the sim handles trim.

Seperate to that it does seem that the sim has problems with trim as well. While I was testing the changes I was in one of the airliners - don’t normally use these - and couldn’t stop the trim wheel continually trying to counteract all my manual inputs. I eventually found someone advising that you could disable part of the plane’s avionics on the overhead panel which effectively pulled the fuse on the whole auto-trim system, but that was the only way to stop it.

Maybe you can get ASOBO to add an option to disbale the SIM’s elevator trim FUDGE, so that FF sticks, that can center at an offset, will work as intended, and not have to deal with the Sim’s Fudged trim processing for spring centered controllers.

(Or maybe it could be disabled with a COMMUNITY “MOD” ) ???

Hi @jimkeir, I imagine you are the develop of this software? Congrats on this one!

Can I assume based on your comment that the lack of effect on autotrim (button 3 in my FFB2) and the sudden decrease of trim when using button 4 (in vanilla to softly lower the trim) is related to the issues you will be updating? If so, those are great news!

Also, when you say “ using the sim’s own features” I guess you mean to deactivate Alternate Trim? Just for a noob to understand what you mean :grin:

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!