Purple or Pink Tiles at Airports?

Hi all.Wondering if anyone has seen this problem.Just did a flight into the Hawaiian Islands and noticed a few airports had pink tiles over some of the runways taxiways and aprons.Hilo International Airport had some massive areas in pink.Cheers.

Searching will pull up some results:

I have Preminum Deluxe.so Don’t see what version makes any difference.

Does not matter the version. Read the posts in that thread. It also links to another post of the same issue.

Yes, I am having the exact same problem at several airports. Did a clean reinstall, still there. If anyone has any idea of what this is, please let us know. Could it be the new 1.8.3 patch?

This is KSFO. Could it be because I have the standard version?

Corrupted install of some sort. This has happened many times throughout the development. Basically you’re missing a texture or something so it defaults to pink. As much fun as the soul plane look is, you have a problem.

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Or something switched on in Developer Mode that should be off?

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This is caused by:

  1. Bad/Corrupt/Incompatible tiles/textures (either from the install/download)
  2. Bad/Corrupt/Incompatible tiles/textures (3r Party Addon - Not Aircraft, but airport area)
    NOTE: If you have an area with add-ons that are corrupt, it will effect other areas that does not have add-ons as some of these tiles/textures override MSFS default one.

From the looks of it, it’s 2 types of tiles/textures:

  1. Asphalt (may be more than one style)
  2. Concrete (may be more than one style)

See this thread:

The fix? Remove all airport add-ons, restart MSFS and see if you still have pink areas. If so, then you know is a corrupt MSFS install.

Gradually add back in your add-ons one at a time to see which one is causing the problem.

(Please change your subject line to “Pink areas at airport” so that others with this problem can find it by searching.)


I’ve done it.

But why only certain airports? I only have one add-on airport in Chicago. The only airports I’m getting these pink textures are in California. Although I was in developer mode. I will try shutting this off and see if that makes a difference.

I don’t know why the developers did it this way. But any airport add-on where tiles/textures where changed, will over-ride the default MSFS tiles/textures of those same names.

Yes, it should not do this but it does. I submitted a zendesk on it. You should too. :slight_smile:

To me, if I put changed tiles/textures for a specific airport, it should just stay with that airport and not effect the all airports on the planet. Doesn’t make sense.


I had that purple issue, then deleted some add-ons and the airport textures returned to normal. Except, some of the textures seem different now as if they have been overwritten forever. For example, a parking lot at a local airport now looks like grass instead of concrete. Not cool. I wish MS had thought of these things.

From what I understand, any add-on you have left will still effect the global textures. So if you only removed some, whatever you have left still may be effecting other areas. The textures are not specific to one area.

If you removed all your add-ons, does that grass texture return back to concrete?

Also, sometimes deleting rolling cache and any manually added areas might re-pull a fresh copy and make sure Bing Data World is turned on.

So why even bother with any airport add-ons? I uninstalled the one add-on airport I had and Still have two major airports effected KSFO & KLAX

Hester, thanks for the suggestions. I think deleting the rolling cache is a good idea. I have read that the entire cache system is bugged, so I will hold off until I know I can safely do it without ruining the installation somehow.

Did you find an explanation ?
I had this problem 5 minutes ago for the first time before landing at LXGB airport in Gibraltar.
I do not have any active scenery in this area.
I’ll try to restart with an emptied Community folder.

The fix is above in this very thread.

It’s related to an airport or scenery add on you have. Also these posts explain why you get the pink.

I had to reinstall the dang Sim now it’s back to normal

Does anybody know how I can solve this please. It is happening in payware, freeware scenery