Pushable rotary knobs not working with VR controller

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

Cannot push HDG knob of G1000 in Cessna 172 with a VR controller. I can rotate it, but cannot press it. In case of mouse, I can focus on it with LMB and then push it with RMB. When it comes to VR controller, the trigger corresponds to LMB, but nothing corresponds to RMB. Manually editing the controls mapping does not solve the problem. People are experiencing the same problem with various aircraft, not only with HDG but also various knobs that are rotatable and pushable. Refer to How to press a knob using VR controller?.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Pull and hold the trigger of VR controller against HDG knob of G1000. Now you can twist it, but you cannot find any way to push it.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

Intel i9-11900K, HP Reverb G2, RTX 3080

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: has the bug. No information about earlier versions.

Very essential.

Bug still exists with latest SU10 beta version.

Using the Oculus Quest 2 manipulators - it is impossible to push/pull knobs like HDG, BARO, Speed in the A320 or hdg select in the 747. I have bound the middle-trigger button to secondary cockpit interaction and the thumbstick press bound to tertiary cockpit interaction like was suggested in other threads. If the mouse is active on the VR screen, it seems to work, but then stops working when the mouse cursor disappears.

We need a reliable way to be able to push/pull knobs that have secondary and tertiary actions in VR. This needs to be made a priority for addressing in SU10. Makes even default aircraft unusable in VR for those of us who don’t use the mouse while in VR.

In my experience, this does actually work. The problem is that the required motion is unintuitive, so many people don’t figure it out. After you hold down the trigger on the knob, you have to quickly push your hand forward a distance of about a couple inches, for the knob press to register. The problem with that other than being unrealistic is since you’re also holding down the trigger, you’re likely to unintentionally enter knob rotations with your forward hand movement. It’s manageable, but not designed very well.

As a workaround you can bind “VR - Cockpit Interaction - Secondary” to a button on your VR controller, which will press the knob (I use “Thumbstick” which is clicking down on your thumbstick). However, because of a separate bug, you also need to add a map for your Right & Left triggers to “Cockpit Interaction - Primary” which is in this other bug report: