PushbackZoomer: my new freeware app controls pushbacks by voice commands alone!

A new version 1.0.11 has been published on flightsim.to, which selects a proper english language pack.

Windows store version is now available as well (though still version 1.0.10, submission of 1.0.11 is ongoing):

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It works good.
Couple of points:
1 - i have atc by the co pilot. Most of the time she intererrupts to stop the pushback and ask for taxi clearance.
2- sometimes in mid air the pushback zoomer app works again and the controller talks about turning?

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for not answering earlier!

About 1 - would it be a solution, if I simply overrule any other “source”, which switched off the pushback, by re-enabling it? Of course that would also prevent stopping the pushback by the user manually with shift-p. Or, I could at least undo stopping the pushback just once (at the first occurence). So by repetition, I can still end the pushback manually at any time.

About 2 - so for some reason (probably point 1-?) the end of the prcedure was not detected and the state sensing got out of sync. I think a fix is due to handle that.

Windows store version is now 1.0.11 too, so the same version is now deployed on flightsim.to and in the store.

Does this only work with English (US) Language Pack. I have English (UK)?

Hi, Great piece of software.
Seems like it’s not working with the Fly by Wire A320NX Mod.
Keeps on crashing the plane once pushback starts.

Yes, any installed English language pack should work. I propose to try it and report any issues to me.

Thanks for the feedback about the compatibility issue with the A320NX Mod. I need to check it. Can you tell me whether my app is crashing, or the sim? And “once the pushback starts” means which step in the procedure (=which voice input?)?

In the last couple of days I have collected quite some feedback for improvements (which I highly appreciate), so I think, I will provide an update during the next week.

As soon as the pushback begins.
It actually crashes the plane. It either says you damaged your nosewheel or youve collided with an obstacle. Im sure if you switch off crash damage it will be fine, but I haven`t test that yet.

Apologies, I’ve tested it several times and can’t reproduce the issue again :rofl:, maybe I did something wrong :rofl:
I do agree with some simmers. If you can control all the ground crew services with your app it will be top notch.

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Hello and greetings!!
I am using this with the Cessna Longitude parked at KECP and I need a little help
At the gate , I did steps 1 , 2, 3 ( from 2. Procedures). I could not find the 'Yellow READY TO FLY- Button" . Where Do I find/see THIS BUTTON?

I Went through the procedures of Preflight and Startup and loaded my flight plan, Connected and received clearance from ATC, Connected to ground and received TAXI instructions. I had my brakes set and Engines in IDLE

I pressed my PTT button and said “request Pushback”. I received confirmation " Pushback request received". At this point The Tug moved to the front of my Longitude… But nothing further happened.
I then released my Parking Brake and said “Brakes released” several times and nothing happened.
I then said ‘Request Pushback:. This time the app said something along the lines of " Pushback not possible , state Not idle" I reconfirmed that my engines were in idle first and tried again, no luck. I then ishut down the engines as a precaution and tried “Request Pushback”. It repeated the same message’ '… NOT IDLE"
I have not tried this app with any other aircraft as I mostly fly the Cessna longitude.
best regards

This is seriously impressive!

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That’s this button, which appears in the sim before entering the cockpit:

The “request pushback” is technically not talking with the pushback driver but triggering the procedure in those cases, when the tug is not moved automatically to the aircraft. After that, you need to follow the normal conversation with the driver, which means that you need to say “ground from flightdeck”. Try it, I think it will work! I have also updated the description in the first post to explain this little detail.


Thank you for your reply . IT WORKS PERFECTLY!!! One question , Whe , I said “Turn right ninety degree”. The app confirmed as “Turn right 9 degree”. Should I have said “Turn Right NIne zero degrees”?
SUPER APP!! Thanks YOU!!

Could this (or something similar) be used to handle ALL Ground and ATC Comms?

If I didn’t have to take hands off controls to interact with ATC it would reduce workload in the cockpit when I’m already busy (landing or managing whichever crazy ascent/descent ATC has demanded of me)

Find it here: https://flightsim.to/file/5187/pushbackzoomer

Yes, exactly, numbers have to be said digit by digit. If the number is two-digit, say just the two digits, a leading “zero” is not required.

thank you and best regards

Hi ,great product.
Pushbake tug lines up correctly,but will not respond to any commands.
Fs 2020 A320 setup as required.Can not find a push to talk button.
Mic is setup and working.Help will be much appreciated.
Kind regards