Q&A canceled - any update on it?

Let’s unpack this problematic question.

  • How am I supposed to know what Microsoft’s inner views are, I’ve only been on the sim for 6 weeks since Xbox launch.
  • Am I flattered that you follow my posts so closely that you know what all my views are? Not really, but they are sound opinions I guess.
  • Is this an implication that I’m some kind of MS stooge or hidden employee simply because it differs from your view? Come now, one would hope that a line of argument wouldn’t be that limited. But sadly it appears to be.

My views are perfectly rational and align very well with the real world. Your mileage may vary. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sharing my view, I think I’m doing it civilly and I’m telling no-one how to feel, I’m sharing how I feel.

I’m unimpressed that your reaction to people with views different to your own is to tell them to ‘shut up’.

This is a sim for different people on varying platforms to enjoy in differing ways. There’s no gatekeeping here for people on one platform only or people who have been posting for a long time only.

We also have different views on how to improve it, it’s called a ‘forum’. :thinking:


This forum is to discuss MSFS; not users. A reminder of the Code of Conduct and it’s SOP. Closing topic.

Our Live Q&A has been official rescheduled for Wednesday, September 29th at 10:30am PT (Pacific Time Zone). We look forward to answering your questions.

It is: [BLOG] September 16th, 2021 Development Update

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