Quality of Life Suggestion: Remove the "Press any key to start"

The ego and self-esteem of ASOBO goes off scale :face_with_thermometer:

uhm… ok, but only if a pause of 2 o 3 minutes is inserted between each step…


And this crooked path to the folder with the simulator! Normal people create a folder on the C drive. They probably tried to hide something from us.

Add this launch option to the .exe to skip videos: -fastlaunch

Have you run out of things to complain about? Seriously? You’re complaining about the “press any key to start” screen?

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“Theater starts with a hanger”
Give at least one argument why you need to interrupt the download before entering the menu
(and many advertising banners of our own company)
We need the minimum number of clicks and time to be in the cockpit at the desired airport.

Why not? It’s a stupid thing that would most likely be trivial to remove from a programming perspective. It would improve everyone’s experience.

I´m using a Warthog HOTAS setup and found that pressing the trigger on the joystick immediately works as “hit any key…”.

Normally a splash screen or landing page would sit just prior to the menu, not halfway between the loading and updating portions of the launch.

This is a completely valid complaint. You launch the game, have to wait 2-3 minutes to then get to the any key screen, then it enters the update screen. Why not transition straight to the update screen? What user benefit is there in an any key splash showcasing some scenes I’ve now seen countless times?

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The “press start” screen is a time honoured tradition.

Keep it

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Hahaha sarcasm. I love sarcasm. You are being sarcastic aren’t you?

So you want to have an additional screen for the sake of tradition?

Is this a troll account?

I don’t mind the “Press any key” screen but I still get the promo screens for Asobo and Blackshark and the other dev. In options, I have “Skip intro cinematics” as “yes” but I still get them. Weird.

I’ve officially made a bug request for this:

With FSJumpStarter2020 you start FS without Intros and automatically skip the “Press Any Key” screen: [MOD] Start FS without waiting for "Press Any Key" screen

this proves my theory :slight_smile: I said the other day it’s still in there as Asobo like it. From what you’re saying it’s part of their branding. OK on a game that loads in secnds but a pain in a large sim. Worries me that the deicsion making is around them and not the customers. If the simple stuff wont get fixed …

For anyone who thinks it takes a long time to load, unfortuntaley it’s loading and pre-processing a lot of layered data it’s the nature of the beast and not a bug or somthing that can be reduced without loading less detail (long discussion about performance vs loaded eye candy, at distance).

MSFS MS Store / Game Pass:
You actually don’t need any 3rd Party utility for this.

Just create a new shortcut on your desktop and point to:
C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C start shell:AppsFolder\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App -FastLaunch

Then name it something like: MSFS-No Splash
(you can change icon if you want so it’s not the cmd prompt icon)

Brings you right to the “Press Any Key”.

For me, if I press any key on my wireless mouse or keyboard, the Press Any Key to Start message remains. I have to press a key on joystick to make it go away!

@Hester40MT Yea, but what FSJumpStarter2020 does is skip the “press any key” screen automatically which the -FastLaunch parameter does not.