QualityWings 787 for MSFS has been announced!

Big news, the QualityWings 787 for MSFS has been announced and estimated to be released in Q2 2021. Link to the Facebook post.


thanks for the news

The big metals are coming! Great news


Very good news.

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superb news :heart_eyes:

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Woah glad.As someone who own the standard version will be getting this!

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Anyone who owns this on FSX or P3D can comment on how detailed the product is on those platforms? Or how this developer compares to others in terms of level of detail in their products? Thanks in advance.

Wonderful thank you

I have the QW78 in P3D. I really enjoy flying it. It’s got enough LOD for me to be study level as a casual simmer. They are part of the top dev groups that I personally look forward to have in MSFS so think Aerosoft and PMDG.

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SUPER excited for this project :grin:

It’s extremely well detailed. I’d say they have covered a VAST majority of available systems and procedures, going beyond what even high quality developers do. It was one of the most satisfying planes to fly in P3D.


The QW787 is an amazing aircraft that is incredibly designed. This is great news. I can’t wait to get it.

Aerosoft level. Very fun plane to fly.

Well that is good news, I’m looking forward to it.

Looking forward to this. I own the msfs version via premium deluxe and I’ve given up waiting for it to be fixed. I’ve only used one QW plane before their bae146 series but it was a nice balance between basic and PMDG.

Even if this is more on the study level spectrum that would still be fine by me though my impression is they are still doing moderate level systems detail? Haven’t paid much attention to them in a few years since I fell out of simming for a while

Off topic, but do you guys think 1tb ssd is enough memory for this flight sim?
Keep in mind there’s a lot of more patches coming and obviously I like to buy sceneries as well.

While I do like QualityWings, we already have projects in developement that are freeware that will improve stock 787, maybe even to the level that FlyByWire does with A320neo.

My hope is that QW will develop 757 or 777 for MSFS, while modders do the improvements to base 787, because base 787 is not bad actually. It’s pleasant to fly, and model is fantastic already.


my thoughts as well i only really use the default 787 in prem deluxe for medium hauls i dont do long hauls and it works perfectly fine for me so no real reason to get this. now if QW bring there other models well that will really be of interest to me expecially the 757 and 146RJ

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Just do note the Asobo 787 is the -10 I’m pretty sure QW will probably do the 8 and 9.
The 9 as of now is the most used/popular configuration over the -10
Right move by QW.

I wish that Asobo had just worked with QualityWings and included their 787 in the Premium Deluxe version instead of making their own 787, kind of like how P3D had included planes from other developers to increase aircraft variety.