QualityWings 787 for MSFS has been announced!

No no no they first say maybe Christmas. Then they say Q2 2023 then Q3-4 2023 then: It’s done if it’s done. The 777 will be release Q2 2024. The 747 Q4 2024 and the qualitywings 787 Q4 2022. Believe me

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2030

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It will be after the sim update 15 for msfs2030 as the last 14 sim updates would have conflicted with various third party addons includingthe 78u…


Yes I too as a patient person have to admit that the waiting time to get some serious airliner fleet is sloooowly starting to annoy me a little bit :smiley:
Last update was 7th of March 2021 on their Facebook page…

Based on how long the PMDG`s and the Fenix took it should be clear that there won´t be any new Boeing types (like PMDG 777 or Fenix 737 MAX, or the legendary Jumbo Jet Queen of the Skies and whatnot…) for you to enjoy flying until 2024 - or even mid to end of 2025.
A study-level Airbus A350 might probably never happen.

Rumour has it that PMDG 777 will be available next year, they’ve been already working on it for some time. But we both are in the area of speculations.

Aged like milk :rofl:

We still dont have any news on this, right? :frowning:

There have been no updates on their forum on the 787 for MSFS.
This last entry, posted by Ernie Alston their principal developer, is almost a year old:

Posted: 28 Mar 2022 at 12:59am
We’re still here, we are still in active development, but we are not ready to make any announcements yet.

We are very interested in producing a product for MSFS. But since our Q2 2021 estimate for the 787 for MSFS was way off. We’ve decided that for now being quiet is better than giving wildly inaccurate delivery estimates.

We hope to be able to announce our development status and plans, but we are not yet ready to do that.


If you watch a recent YouTube interview with Randazzo of PMDG, he implies that a company making a plane seems to have hit roadblocks and were approaching PMDG for help. The company isn’t named, but given PMDG’s Boeing expertise and QW 787 delays, a lot of people were guessing that was QW, which means it’s likely still a loooong way off.


Oh interesting. Atleast something, even if its not hard facts :slight_smile:

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With HeavyDivision forking out a separate branch to build 787 independently on lines of FBW, time may be running out for QW.

I didn’t know this was happening but it’s very welcome. It’s amazing to have so many dedicated, good quality freeware devs.

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Yes, the HD effort is really welcome. They’ve been doing great work so far, but they’ve got quite a long way to go…