Quest 2 users with older/mid to low range cards - Try this fix I have 35fps now

So I went from 20fps jaggy/stuttering mess to smooth 35fps by going into the Oculus debug tool and turned on the Asynchronous Spacewarp setting: force 45fps ASW enabled and I am using render scale 80.

Can’t believe just changing this fixed everything when everyone said turn this off.

I then played around with the VR graphics settings in MSFS and can have medium clouds still with 35fps!

Try it.

My rig is:

i5-9600k OC’d to 4.8ghz.
32GB DDR4 3600mhz
RTX 2060 OC model

OpenXR settings:

Custom render scale - 100%
Motion reprojection - Automatic

Quest 2 Graphics Prefences:

Refresh rate 72hz
Rendering resolution - 1.0x (3616x1840)

Nvidia graphics properties:

Forced vsync to fastest as discussed in other threads

Going to buy a better card to turn up the graphics as I’m hooked.

If you want more of my settings let me know.


Can you tell me how to setup the Quest2 for VR? I’m stumped
Thanks and have ■■■■■■ in your Christmas

Hello :slight_smile:

How do you change Open XR settings when using Quest 2 please ? I thought openXr was only available with WMR helmet.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I’ll screen shot everything and post it up. I might be wrong in my terminology as I’m new to the VR scene.

Quest 2 implementation seems to be bugged, I’m not sure if it’s on the simulator side or an issue with how Oculus implemented it.
With a very high end system (RTX 3090 - Ryzen 9 5950x) I was getting terrible stutters on the lowest settings, Tried everything, including the fix suggested above. The only thing that seemed to help was actually making the settings much higher, which seemed strange.

Then, I tried it with my older Rift S headset, and what a night and day difference. On the Rift S, it’s butter smooth on even High settings. It was actually quite an eye-opening experience.

So unfortunately something is wrong with the Quest 2 implementation especially since everyone seems to be complaining about it.

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Yes, for me it’s the same. It seems that the performance is a little better when I make the settings higher, specially the supersampling.

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Ok hope everyone had a Merry Xmas and for people on the other side of the globe about to have theirs have a great day and stay safe.

My fps bounces between 30 and 35fps depending on buildings. It was a bit lower due to the huge terminals at Dubai.

Here are all my settings as promised. Hope this helps other Oculus Quest 2 users that had issues like me.


Thanks for posting this but I don’t understand how you use WMR OpenXR with Quest. I have a Steam copy of MSFS and when I installed WMR Open Xr it stopped VR from working. I had to switch back to Steam OpenXR to get it working again.

You use OpenXr if you bought MSFS on the MS store. I don’t use steam.

Upgraded my card to a 3070 and a lot of those settings are now redundant. Honestly a 2060 is bare minimum a 2070S+ is probably what you want to be aiming for, for VR.

OK, I refunded Steam and bought the game again from Microsoft Store. Still, I can’t make it work with WMR OpenXR. It will only detect my headset if I select Oculus runtime for OpenXR and it won’t show the “custom render scale” slider. What is the runtime you are using?

It wont work. WMR wont work with your Oculus. Those settings on the WMR OpenXR app will make no difference when using oculus. For Oculus you need to use Oculus OpenXr Runtime. You can run Oculus using SteamVR runtime, but there is no advantage and it causes some issues, like distortion and wrong world scale.

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I see… Thanks for your reply. Actually, I see one advantage using SteamVR runtime despite the distortion and wrong scale: reprojection seems to be working better than Oculus’ ASW, at least for me. With SteamVR I have some stuttering, but seems quite “linear”, while ASW distorts the rendered images in a way that is unacceptable. By the way: I am not cranking settings up by any means and I am using a RTX 3080 and a Ryzen 5 3600. Not the beefiest PC around, but it should suffice, I guess…

Thank you.
It works good so far with my i7 7700k and 1080ti.
Perfect to fly with small planes.

Thanks. Has someone managed to get a similar FPS with the Steam version and similar hardware? I have I7 8700K OC 5Ghz, 32 GB DDR4 2666MHZ, GTX 1080 and get horrible FPS and stutters even on low settings. I would love to see your settings (or a setup guide) if you managed to get a smooth experience.

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Answering myself. Solved it by not using SteamVR. It now runs acceptably even on my 1080 card. Now I can survive until I get my hands on a 3080. Happy flying!

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I just bought a 3070 (3080 is ridiculously out of my budget) and I still get horrible-to-unusable performance in VR. I also have the Steam version. How do you “not use SteamVR”? I am not aware of any other way to launch the game. :frowning:

There are a couple of methods for the game to use Oculus VR - edit registry so OpenXR uses Oculus runtime.

I just upgraded to a 3070 also, with Quest 2, settling for 28-30fps on fairly high settings. Need to find a way to make it lock to 30… OTT is a bugging my main thread and slowing things down, use dev tool for lock. Also, MSFS for some reason seems to like the 90Hz. so I am on 90Hz, render res to 1.3x in Oculus App. (4128x2096). Render scale 100 in game. Its possible, keep tweaking…

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Yay! Just switching to Oculus VR made a night-and-day difference! This is what I expected to see when I spent a grand on hardware. Thank you. Now I can tweak. :slight_smile:

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