Quest 3 and MSFS - please make reports here

Hi, everyone who will be testing Q3 on MSFS (XP12, DCS) from tomorrow, please post all your tests and comments here. We will have order. The first tests seem promising…

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We already have a thread for this:


My Q3 arrives tomorrow and I bought it for MSFS2020 and 2024.

I will provide short report on how I get on.


MSFS CTD’s as soon as I enable VR in the sim… tried both Oculus and Virtual Desktop. No go on either. Unsure if its just me as no one else seems to have a Q3!

Heads up that I have some goodies in the works for Virtual Desktop users (Quest 2 / Quest Pro / Quest 3 / Pico 4) in the form of a standalone OpenXR runtime so you can run Virtual Destop with MSFS without SteamVR. It’s currently in early stages of testing but showing promises.

You can join my Discord [OpenXR Toolkit Discord] on channel #oculus-technical to get some updates and perhaps even take part in beta testing.


You just can’t help yourself, can you? Thanks so much for thinking ahead and developing what we don’t even know we need!


HELLO , any test Q3 in simulators???

VoodooDE on Youtube has a review with a very short clip in MSFS:

IGN has some seconds too:

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Could a mod merge these threads? We don’t want threads popping up all over the place now that the Quest 3 is in the wild.

Received quest 3 today. No problems with it connecting and running. Sharper then Q2. My computer is an iMac 27 with i7, 64gb ram, 16gb AMD 5700 running windows using bootcamp. So far it is great.


It’s my firts VR headset so I can’t compare.
I’m now in the rabbithole of tweaking.
First impression is the VR is nauseatingly immersive. But coming from ultra settings and 50-60 FPS in 2D to medium settings and 20-25 FPS is a bit disappointing. Instruments are clear and sharp with TAA (100) but the drop in FPS is too big. DLSS makes things blurry.
(i11700K, RTX 3080)

Airlink or wired? I CTD each time I try to switch to VR

Hey, try DLSS Quality. Should give some fps boost compared to TAA and imho the best diss setting for instrument clarity. Happy tweaking (hours of tweaking ended for in buying a 4090 lol) Find your setting and enjoy VR!

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Try this in the MSFS VR config page:

  • DLSS=Quality
  • TEXTURE RESOLUTION=MEDIUM (Also on 2D config tab)
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Wired with the official cable

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Hi, did you connect via cable or wifi? No joy so far with wifi. Will download updated App tomorrow. I have a PC.

So far all’s working fine with my new, 20 hour old Q3 with msfs using Link (500mbps) and Air Link (200mbps dynamic). Early days though, but so far so good, touch wood, lol!

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Only a couple hours in here too. Vs my G2, the G2 is very smooth. Quest 3 not so much. This is with link cable. 4090 card. In sim settings un changed (most on ultra). Side to side head movements with quest gives distortion at outside edges of lens. Still need to try some settings in oculus app and dev tools etc.

I would like to join. Allready there in discord. I have 4090 and quest 3.

I manage to get 30 FPS but going down to 20 or less on landing. And with medium to low settings. And with DLSS Quality, what I see is not sharp.

Even if VR makes me border-sick, I really like the immersion.
And I’m contamplating now…buying a 4090…

Can you have settings on Ultra in VR with a 4090 ?

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