Quest 3 and MSFS - please make reports here

I just stick to 4000 per eye. This is running in TAA mode via VD.

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And mostly Ultra settings in the sim?

A mixture of high and ultra and 72Hz in he headset using SSW.

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72hz would be the most perfect performance related setting, but…I’m the sensible one :crazy_face:. In bright environments/sky/clouds I can see a flickering.
But 80hz works great for me.

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Same here.

Oh… Eyes are funny, I can’t see any flickering at 72hz, at least not on the Quest 3.
But 80hz is great too, I’ve been using 80 and 72 for a while.

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I’ve set mine at 120Hz and just let the sim do its thing as frame rates fluctuate. I know I’m not maintaining that, but is there a benefit to that vs arbitrarily locking at a lower frame rate and leaving performance on the table?

Actually, just checked and headset is running at 80Hz.