QUEST 3 issues

Hi all,

I was previously using G2 headset with 3080 and it worked fine. But I decided to update my setup with 64Gb RAM + 14900KF + 4090 + Quest 3 and now it’s total disaster… I’m using cable link + OpenXR toolkit and I now tried more or less all options in MSFS settings Dx11 or DX12, TAA or DLSS (all modes), high graphic settings or low graphic settings. But in all case I have all possible problems (lags (even at 65 fps), stuttering, artefacts everywhere, all towers and pylons are not straight, earth and objects are moving… Very often I need to look at my seat for few seconds to stabilize the situation. I’m really thinking that problem is probably somewhere else than in MSFS settings. I reinstalled MSFS, I even reinstalled windows11. I followed many different tutorials about windows settings, graphics cards settings but nothing change. Any idea where it can come from ? Anything else to check ? did I forget something ? Thanks for help

I’m running the same system, pretty much. Now, I don’t know how severe these stutters are. The only way I got rid of them was setting asw to auto in the oculus TRAY tool. Not a single change in the well known and promoted debug tool settings helped.
I could be mistaken but aren’t you required to run steam VR, in addition to the oculus software when using link?
I’m only just beginning to understand how all this stuff ties into each other. But my combination of

Link cable + Oculus software + openxr toolkit + oculus tray (NOT debug) tool + steam VR works amazingly well at high settings

I’m not using steam VR for MSFS, I never did before. What would be benefits of using STEAM VR ?

For that to answer I would have to know what it does! :joy:
Some tutorials mentioned it, I might have gotten that wrong tho

That one did the trick for me

Again, I don’t know HOW severe your stutters are

Did you turn Hags off?

This works great for me.
same specs/80hz oculus.
gaming mode off.

My oculus debug tool is like that. Seen this setup in a tutorial. Looks very different than your

Sin título

This setup works great for me.

Yes it’s off

This is not good.
To high bitrate can cause trouble.
And youre not use supersample with youre system thats a shame you can get much better with youre specs. Just copy mine and you will see. Quest need some love and attention but after that you will be blown away.
I also had a 3080 with reverb.
Done a lot of testing. I can help you but start with this.

ps I think spacewarp is causing youre trouble. Never use that with specs like yours
I fly in ultra at 4500/4500 40fps above same scene new york. no stutter.
You will get there. But the debug is essential.

what videocard? why no supersample?

AMD Ryzen 5600x / Gigabyte B550M Gaming / 32 Gb DDR4 3600 / NVME M.2 / RTX 3080 Ti 12 Gb / Win 10/64.

I use the Quest 3 with wireless link and have 0 issues with using MSFS. Maybe your wifi speed isn’t optimal? Is your PC connected to wireless as well?

I’m not using wireless. I’m using cable link.

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I’ve spent two months with my new Quest 3 - VR is now all I fly - and for my system, 7950x3D/4080 there was no contest using Virtual Desktop. Steam Link also worked but not as clear and I kept having weird CTDs. VD just is better in handling data flow, resolution and stability. I gave up on Quest Link after trying 4 different cables thinking I would find a solution - I didnot.

Yep I heard it was better through wireless and virtual desktop, but I hope it can also works with wire because my wireless is not capable of wifi6.

@RobedBadge93725 what do you mean by supersampling ? are you talking DLSS in msfs or something else ? because I tried DLSS in all mode and it’s not better or worse. I don’t think my problem come from msfs settings because even in menu at 80 fps I have issues.

As I’m maybe not able to explain correctly my issue, here is how I see all objects. Even at low speed when I take off, everything appear blurry. For information I’m running at 65 fps, so pretty comfortable.

@RobedBadge93725 Now using your settings. it’s still the same.

You really only need ODT all defaults with distortion = low and encoding bitrate = 500mbps for Link, or 0 for air link at 200mbps dynamic bitrate set in the Rift/pcvvr home dashboard menu.