Question About Manual Cache - Does the higher quality get loaded in automatically?

Kind of had a question about how manual cache works…when you cache an area does the streamed autogen then build on that?

I was wondering if the manual cache could be used as a ‘starting point’ for certain scenery so that you don’t have that bombed out apocalyptical cityscape as the map data is streamed into the sim before the city becomes recognizable? That’s my main critique of the presentation - cities look disgusting until all the data is streamed in

Or does the manual cache stay static?

I am also wondering this. The manual cache system is still very buggy and mysterious right now.

I would say no…data is fed in from one or the other. CHeck the guide on it from this site, they explain it quite well.

[HOW-TO] Create and Manage Manual Cache Regions

I think that data is streamed on top of the cache because I have cached a huge area in Medium, got a very low connection and even though I managed to stream a few Gig in the past days flying over the pre-cached area so my guess is that it’s still working on top of cached.

Cache process is stil unclear…caching huge region in medium takes between 30-60 min and gives a 1-2 Mo file…doesn’t make sense…also noticed that in some cases caching high quality gives worst landscape than in medium…

I don’t think it works exactly as it should right now.

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I cached a region going ~25 miles west from KJFK into NJ and ~10 miles high (above the upper tip of Manhattan) in high detail. It took me about 1 hour to select and add the small high details squares to my desired named cache and it took over two hours to download the 45 Gb with my CPU and GPU cranking away the whole time. A theory espoused in the following thread is that the raw data from MS is being processed into FS form during the download (to spare MS the server/electricity cost of processing huge amounts of data for all the many, many people using MSFS). #1: The Manual Cache Is TERRIBLE and Should Be Redesigned From the Ground Up

I didn’t find that having all this high detail data of the area around Manhattan really improved my FPS at all. My unproved theory is that there is SO MUCH detail to display in the buildings around Manhattan with all the lighting and reflections between buildings, etc., that even having all the structural/textual data, your computer is still terribly bogged down given your aircraft’s altitude, heading, speed, etc., doing the calculations as to exactly what to display to you on the screen in the very, very complex scene that Manhattan represents.

The other thing is that once you have created a manual cache of any size, if you go to view it, watch out! #2: The Manual Cache Is TERRIBLE and Should Be Redesigned From the Ground Up