Question about Nav1 Frequencies

Hi all. I got hooked and bought MSFS 2020…so different from my old 2004 version.

I have a question.

I’m setting up a flight plan from Luton Airport (EGGW) to East Midlands (EGNX). When I click on information about the runways and frequencies, I’m getting something like 120.580 Mhz, which is wrong. I think I’m looking in the wrong place.

I’m trying to learn to make an automated ILS landing and when I try to type it in the NAV 1 settings, I can’t go above 118.95. So, where do I find the correct ILS frequency? Obviously, the numbers I quoted above are more of a radar frequency or something like that. Can I actually get the correct information from the web and type it into my NAV 1 settings?

Thanks for any help…this is my first post…please go easy on me :wink:

I’ve seen a lot of people asking how to find ILS frequencies inside MSFS2020. Here’s how: Go to the World Map (where you do your flight planning) and open the Filters option at the bottom of the screen. Make sure NAVAIDS is “ON.” Then, when you close the Filter box and return to the World Map, the physical location of each ILS radio beacon will be visible at all airports with ILS capabilities. After first selecting your Arrival Airport, simply click on the ILS icon at the distant, far end of the runway you’ll be landing on, not the ILS beacon over which you’ll be flying during your approach. The ILS frequency of this runway will then appear on the right side of your screen. (Some airports set this ILS beacon to the side of the runway rather than at the end.)

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Hey there Kevn, this very simply possible by selecting both airports and then selecting IFR instead of VFR when in the world map page as seen below:

then simply select the ILS runway approach as seen below frequencies will automatically be tuned on the aircraft:

and thats it happy flying :heart:

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Use Little NavMap instead, much better option than the included flight planner.


And that’s exactly the problem.
There are many reports that auto tune is using the wrong frequencies.
You should always confirm the localizer frequency on the map.


ILS frequencies always have comparatively low frequencies, actually just above your FM radio. ie: 108.00 to 112.95 from memory.
VOR frequencies can rnge from 108.00 to 117.95, and then COM frequencies go from 118.00 to 135.95

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I find this freeware tool useful if I need an ILS frequency in flight:


I just pin a link to it on my start menu, so quick and easy to get to by just pressing the Windows button.

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hm interesting in this case I would just recommend using charts to obtain the frequencies.

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I wonder, why the map is not available in-flight in MSFS like it was in FS9 and FSX and before?.. Why shall I use external programs, everything of this kind must be in the sim. This is a problem for me. I can not relay on official charts as they do not always correspond to the sim. My flights are long enough and the wind is changing at my destination, so, if I take ILS freqs before the flight, they will not help - the RW will change. It also looks like freqs from inbuilt GPSes do not always correspond to freqs at the airport (FMS tells us to check the freq in this case) and this looks strange.

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Why? You never know if the chart data are identical with the sim data.

for some airports within the us and eu some major airports frequencies are pretty accurate to rl frequencies

Why would you prefer pretty accurate over 100% accurate?

If you are planning to fly at least halfway realistic, you do need charts anyway.

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Good question mostly because msfs lacks alot in real frequencies until Asobo fixes that idk what we can do about it

Do you have an example?

Furthermore if the frequency isn’t available in MSFS, you can’t fly the approach.

local regional airports have issues with real time frequencies its not their not there but that these frequencies aren’t true to life

I still don’t understand. In the sim you can use only use the frequencies provided by the sim.

If you use Navigraph all ariac data will be the same as in real life in the game.

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Not going to pay additional money only due to Asobos sloppy programming.

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I use Navigraph to keep the sim in sync with little navmap, Pilot2ATC and many other tools. Removes a bit of frustration of the sim not matching “real” world and all the tools in sync is well worth the cost 9f the subscription … I also use Flight event to allow me to use ForeFlight on my IPad - again Navigraph keeps all my flight sim tools in sync with what ForeFlight provides…

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Get Navigraph and you will always have the real frequencies.