Ramdom performance LAGGS after UK update

Ramdomly my GPU Usage drops from 80 to 20%
The Sim start lagging. Fps drops to 2.
Even in main menú. I didn’t have this issue before UK update.

I’m having the same problem. GPU usage randomly drops to 30-40 percent, and FPS plummets. Sometimes it’s for a couple seconds, sometimes a few minutes. It’s been happening right now for about 20 minutes. Only started since the UK update.

and you haven’t seen this ?

Or is something new with your issue report ?

Yes, I saw this thread and comment. This is a serious issue in the graphic engine of the sim.

In my case it was intermittent instead of “everywhere” as the poster describes. For me it would last 10 seconds or so then go back to great again. It would happen maybe once every 15 minutes. In my case I deleted my cache and turned caching off. No issues for several days.

I have my rolling cahe deleted and dissabled before uk update.

Looks like hundreds of people are reporting this issue under different topics. GPU usage drops randomly to 10/15%. Hope Asobo will fix in next update

I still not know whats the ‘big semantic’ difference to the former allready existing thread with some existing votes… Therefore I linked the other one… duplicate threads are not helpfull.