Ran SU5, now I can't start a flight Third party problem solved

I ran SU5 this evening, and now when I try to load a flight, any flight , the bar scale moves slowly all the way to the right and sticks there and the flight never starts. I noticed if I click on my Avatar on the upper right of the screen where it says Online, it is grayed out and where it says Staus, it says Offline, and servers automatic east but that is grayed out too. Is that normal? Could this be a server issue?

Could be. These are seriously overloaded at the moment. Maybe give it a day and try again?

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This is actually a new setting which has changed with Xbox/SU5 launch/update.

Those settings are now greyed out if you have multiplayer option disabled. Is now required to enable multiplayer to change online/offline status or switch server.

Like me you probably had a connection glitch during the update process and then that remained persistent once game actually connected and launched.

Turned out is was an add on I purchased from Market Place, North South Foliage. I uninstalled it, and everything worked.

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You should change your title to reflect it was a third party product that broke the sim, so future users know whether this thread can help them or not. And mark your last post as the Solution by using the checkmark icon.

I have the same issue. I uninstalled the North South Foliage and it still will not start the flight. Nothing in my Community folder either. Right now it is Vanilla and once you click the Fly button it just loads forever while displaying banners.

As an aside, it was working perfectly fine before the SU5 update. I really hope they get this resolved.

Here it just crashes to the desktop whenever I click fly or enter the World Map, even though I have nothing in the community folder.

I have a updated version for the seasons. If bought from marketplace, just email me with a screenshot of the season mod you purchased and I’ll send you the updated file.
If bought from simmarket you can download it from there.

Cleaned out my Community folder, then deleted likely suspects from the marketplace using Content Manager. Seemed to resolve the issue when I deleted all the C152s, restarted and added them back. Will know for sure tomorrow after I reinstall the remaining deleted content.

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