Status offline since update

Top right of main window.
Status offline.
Option to switch offline/online greyed out
Option to change server greyed out
(Although apparently it’s set to automatic and presently “west europe” @21ms)

have signed out and signed back in
have checked xbox server status (and signed into that to check)

Any ideas here?


Same here. Offline. Will continue to wait.

Same here. Waiting to see if this corrects itself.

When multiplayer is turned off it greys out and vice versa. Didn’t do so before…but turn it on (General options - data - multiplayer) and you can access them again…


Thanks that worked

that was it indeed

Hold on so you have to have multiplayer enabled to get back online?

That indicator top right doesn’t indicate status of photogrammetry/bing maps etc. It’s simply indicating “Online/Offline” for multiplayer.

I think this was always the way. But now it’s more directly linked to the status of “multiplayer on/of” in General Options>Data

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Thanks. This is dumb!! But it helped me… cheers

I wonder how the drop down menu for selection of servers impacts
bing maps and photogrammetry ?

There are loads of different servers that the .exe connects to during gameplay.

Even if you have all online functionality disabled it’s still connecting to stuff. (Validation I guess)

So, the multiplayer servers likely only host player data (alt, speed, course, aircraft type etc) while entirely different servers are streaming the photogrammetry, bing maps, weather, ATC voices etc.

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