Random Problems!

I love this simulator.

But, in the last few months I have random unexplained issues.

For example:

  • One day I have fantastic FPS, the next day they are poor?

  • Live weather one day, none the next?

  • Live traffic, and then none.

  • Aircraft load up ok, on other occasions, no displays?

  • Controls are fine, then the throttle stops working - axis are fine, but no movement.

There are many others I could mention.

These issues are becoming more frequent.

Today, I tried flying three MS/Asobo aircraft, and either display or control issues stopped me.

I have ‘repaired’ the sim but it is very frustrating (as it can take quite a while to get to fly).

Anybody else withe the above issues?

I don’t know but I think it’s inet/server problems. I get the same symptoms. I am trying to not “fix” it right away and it seems to clear up on it’s own.


These issues are likely related to your internet connection - not talking about speeds but the connection itself. One thing that improves your overall connection is to disable Windows NDU service which monitors the connection speed:

Also, if possible, use some alternative DNS server which may or may not be configured in your router. If you got a router from your ISP chances are low you can alter these settings - if you got your own router try Google’s DNS server to see if it fixes these issues:

Other tips:

  • Delete and disable rolling cache in sim
  • If you are on Windows 11 repair your .NET installation (disable and enable it agin in your windows optional features, then restart)
  • Delete your mapscache which can be found at C:\Users[your windows users name]\AppData\Local\FlightSimulator\mapscache ←delete the file and the folder inside this folder, it will be rebuilt on the next start of the simulator

Good plan. Whenever I try to “fix” the sim, it only makes things worse.

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Thank you - I will consider your suggestions.

However, I am reluctant to change Win 11 settings to fix one issue without understanding the consequences for the PC and others hardware / software systems.

The ndu change can be applied without risk. Many have done this without any side effects, apart from a beter running sim. Please report back if it works for you too

That’s totally fine, anyway some explanation on the suggestions:

  • The NDU service (related to the Windows Network Data Usage Monitoring Driver) is used by Windows 10 and 11 for monitoring the data usage on metered connections. If your connection to the world is not limited by your ISP you won’t need it - anyway the suggestion is not to remove it but to disable its automatic start. It can be reactivated anytime by changing the value related back to “2”. Likely the sheer amount of data and connections MSFS needs to perform leads this service to cause trouble.
  • Rolling cache in sim - this is basically only useful on really slow connections. If you got 10Mbit/s or more it’s not needed at all. Rolling cache stores tiles and photogrammetry data for one place on your drive until it gets refreshed after months which can cause issues if something changes on the servers side (it’s only affecting the sim itself and it’s a setting within MSFS).
  • mapscache is also completely related to the sim itself and it does what it says: caching data for the tiles to get displayed on your screen - after these have been displayed this data is not used anymore. Anyway over some sim updates it seems that this cache has been corrupted, deleting it once brought back some speed as the cache was created from scratch.
  • The Windows 11 .NET issue is documented by Microsoft and reinstalling it is suggested as a workaround.

After installing this update, some .NET Framework 3.5 apps might have issues or might fail to open. Affected apps are using certain optional components in .NET Framework 3.5, such as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow (WWF) components.
Source: May 10, 2022—KB5013943 (OS Build 22000.675)

This issue makes some applications fail to load completely on the drivers end and can also cause issues on other applications which partly use the .NET framework. I don’t know the internals of MSFS in detail but I guess some parts rely on .NET - so it won’t harm to do the steps suggested:


Hi, thanks for the comprehensive explanations.

I checked Win 11 services (via Task Manager) and the NDU one is not on my Win 11 build.

I will try disabling rolling cache and clearing maps cache.

Not sure how repair .NET - searched and looked in Settings - no joy


Hi, you’re welcome!

For the .NET repair there is this guide you can follow:

About NDU: unfortunately it’s not individually listed in the task managers services tab as it’s considered by Microsoft to be a non optional part of windows - for information and insights on what is affected/achieved read through this topic:


I followed the video and repaired .net.

I will run regedit to find the NDU entry and remove it?

I will do a registry backup prior to editing.


You don’t remove it, you only do the following steps:

1. Open the Registry editor app (Regedit) and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/Ndu.
2. Find and Right-click on the Start option and click on Modify.
3. Change the value from 2 to 4 and click on OK and reboot system.

this just disables the automatic start - if you for some unknown reasons want to go back to the default behavior you change it back to 4 :wink:

Thank you - I have done this - will reboot.

I will let you know the results.

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I did all of what you recommended.

Unfortunately, it has not improved the issues that I have.

I rarely have problems with FS.

For me, the last two updates have:

  • Decreased FPS overall

  • Big impact on FPS with live weather with significant cloud formations

  • Stutters as live traffic is generated

  • Overall decrease of 30% in FPS

  • I even get some stutters with clear weather and AI traffic.

  • Changed my control bindings - I use Thrustmaster HOTAS

I do wish MS / Asobo would limit updates to critical problems rather than change areas within the sim that appear to work well for most users.

The minority that persistently have issues (in my opinion) are those who mess with it or not follow the installation / update instructions (which I have always done since the Alpha).

Thank you again for your support and advice.

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