Range Magic Tool - Long Distance Fading Fix for Airshows & other events by Flight Simulator Airshows

Range Magic Information Section
Range Magic is a powershell tool that was created by the Head Developer at Flight Simulator Airshows to easily add a fix also developed by @WombiiActual which allows for aircraft to be seen for several miles mitigating the issue of aircraft fading out as they get further from the player or camera which was a problem during Wings Over the Web and has been a continued problem for the airshow community.

MSFS does not include the camera zoom in the optimization algorithm and removes objects from view too early if your camera is at high zoom levels.
To work around this we can add a giant invisible cube to the model to trick the sim into thinking the model is larger than it is, with Range Magic, the view distance of the aircraft jumps from 1,000 meters to over 15,000 meters.

This package includes a premade invisible cube model and some scripts to make this process easy enough for any user to implement into an aircraft they would like to use for their team or for an airshow they would like to host.

@WombiiActual @FSTBChunky of the FS Thunderbirds and FS Airshows.

Before and After Range Magic:

Download Section:
RangeMagic v3 (Primary Download): https://www.fsair.show
NodeJS (Dependency): Download | Node.js
BuildJS (Dependency): a32nx/build.js at master · flybywiresim/a32nx · GitHub, right click the “Raw” button and save link as.

Installation and Usage Tutorial

Help and FAQ:
Please use the #rangemagichelp on the Flight Simulator Airshows Discord channel for any questions regarding the Range Magic tool.

Credits and thanks:
FlyByWire for their BuildJS merge script and their continued excellent contributions to the flightsim community.

Wooselman for making a YouTube video explaining the workflow behind model merging using FBW’s script.

Please do not redistribute outside of the Flight Simulator Airshows Discord as this is still an early work in progress; however, it has proven to be very effective thus far.

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BuildJS (Dependency): a32nx/build.js at master · flybywiresim/a32nx · GitHub

Doesn’t seem to be working anymore - I’ve been trying to fix the LODS on various aircraft, but the files dont seen to generate to the ‘FixedModelFiles’ folder.

The link to the build.js file seems to be broken here also.