Raw airport data?

Anyone know where I can get my sticky little paws on some raw data for airports?

Let me explain…about 10 years ago I decided to put together an Excel workbook with lots of VBA coding to give me a simple user interface where I could punch in an airport code and it’ll bring up details on all the runways, frequencies, etc…and then I got all carried away and added a second window to select a destination airfield and the app works out distance and bearing to it…and then I got even more carried away and added a ‘random destination’ function and then a ‘random destination in a specific direction’ function…and finally a ‘find me a water runway’ function. Looks like this:

I got all the airport data from Air Haulers access database.

However, there are a LOT of additional airfields in FS2020. I don’t suppose anyone is aware of a data source for all airfields with Long/Lat, runways, lights, ILS, frequencies, etc…? The only thing missing from Air Haulers data was the ILS runway code.

Something like https://ourairports.com/data/ ? (Although admittedly quite old already)

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That’s brilliant, just the sort of thing I was after. Thanks!