Raymarched reflections

I think we have a good Q&A question then… when it opens up again, I can put up a question about this “raymarched reflections” and if they needed DX-12 for that… i’m very curious about the prospects. DX-12 could do wonders !

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Agreed! Starting to fear DX12 isn’t coming to PC anytime soon as it’s been lately on that topic.

It just got renamed. Its still the same Screen spaced reflections (SSR) as they were before. Nothing changed, just the name.

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@HXArdito just curious… how do you know that ? Do you have any inside information… as you can read here, I am very eager to know !

Not only wind turbines but trees also

I remember Jorg saying that PC “might see performance improvements, or might not” when discussing DX12. That gave me the feeling that they aren’t seeing much improvement for PC behind the scences, but that’s just speculation.

I like the new reflections.

Additionally, the very first post in this thread shows some pretty amazing before and after. Well done, Asobo!

Unfortunately, in VR, raymarched reflections are a disaster.
Any vertical head movement makes them move horizontally in an exaggerated way. Extremely annoying, to the point they have to be disabled.

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sad. i hope it gets fixed soon. absolutely love the experience on a traditional monitor.

Hmm, that’s not before/after, that’s off/on.

As far as I can tell there’s nothing new other than the name. Does anyone have actual comparisons of pre-SU5 reflections versus the same area & lighting conditions with the current reflections that shows an improvement?


Glass reflections have been in since launch.

Those were there before this update.


Raymarchedtracing check what is happening on the nose of your airplane.
I think in UserCfg.opt set raytracing on=1 it under Vsync and HDR10
Also enable raymarchedtracing enable=1 and quality on 3= highest
I think it is a mirroring layer which move moving clouds shapes across reflecting surface of the airplane.

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Indeed, cockpit reflections changed too… it’s a bit getting used to ! not sure if they finished it !

Did a little research on one of my favorite photography topics, reflection in water

Ok, I revisited Milford, Moses Wheeler Bridge… both images are Ultra mode, top is MSFS now, after WU6-HF1, the Paint window shows an image before SU-5 (7-juli)

There is clearly a quality improvement in the Ultra tree reflections in the water. I am not sure when that happened, it could have been SU5-HF2 also, not the current WU6-HF1.

Same comparison, Medium set in MSFS now (top). I think this shows the current Medium is better than pre-SU5 Ultra, on reflections of trees in water. The reflection clearly shows a green color, the pixelation grains are finer.


Other than different degrees of shimmer due to the water surface I don’t see much difference?

I’m sorry to be a party pooper, I just don’t see what’s so different other than the shimmering, and still don’t after these screenshots. :frowning:

Can’t make it more clear than this.


Different angle on the trees, so looks different. Only other difference is with the ‘scatter’/‘shimmer’ that I already described.

Nope… I checked that. Time of day too. See comparison above, level of detail is around 2x imho… lower image shows more coarse pixelation on the reflections.

And keep in mind I’m not claiming this “raymarching” actually exists… but something was solved with pixelation issues, there are better reflections now.

It’s trivially visible that the angle is different from looking at the photos. Good day.

I turned my camera while doing these images… I’ve seen a lot of angles, and with every distance and angle I find more detail.

Please show yours :wink:

Well, the important thing is that folks are happy with how it looks. :slight_smile:

Since the topic author is now talking to me in DMs, I’m just going to confirm that the water surface shimmering has changed. I recognize this and mentioned it several times.

Good day to you all.