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Weather Force

Weather Force is the new METAR-based dynamic real-time weather engine for Microsoft Flight Simulator

By utilizing inter-process communication with the simulator via fine granular control, you will experience automated, dynamic, and smooth weather transitions from real-world reporting METAR stations. Weather Force also includes a wide range of our proprietary dynamic, changing (non-static) weather scenarios. These scenarios are unlike the static weather presets that ship with the simulator.

As I know REX its the new active sky in MSFS


This looks interesting. When the live weather fails I switch to one of the presets but that’s pretty boring as it never changes.

Any idea what sort of price to expect on this? Ballpark

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no idea of the princing.

But the problem that I see its when the weather in the sim its fixed, Its this program useful?


As I said in the other thread, they are clearly trying to profit from current bugs, be patient, see if Asobo fixes the weather issues before purchasing this.


Of course I will be patient, REX can`t do more than MSFS its doing with the weather engine


You can create your own weather presets already and download others, I did downloaded a good pack for free of nexus mods.

What we can’t do any is have the weather dynamically change, it’s either live weather or static. Hopefully Asobo add this option.

I want to be able to fly with dynamic weather made up using the parameters I provide it. Maybe take off in fair weather and have it determinate slowly over time into thunderstorms for example


What are your thoughts on this? I understand that there are issues with the default weather engine that I trust will be fixed but for a 3rd party to claim that they can do it more realistically makes me very suspicious considering that MS/Meteoblue have worked together to build the sim.

My personal experience with REX products (Sky Force and Environment) is that they are mostly about fluff and pretty marketing. For me, UX for these applications was pretty bad - it was not clear what each function did exactly and the way the weather was depicted via the weather engine was not too realistic either.

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This is very obviously trying to profit from current bugs, I’d highly suggest being patient to see if Asobo fixes weather issues before purchasing this product.


And here I thought the old FSX/P3D concept where every aspect of the core sim required additional 3rd-party enhancements was a thing of the past. I certainly will be patient as arkhonist suggests and see what each of the MS monthly updates has to offer. Fix live weather, which is coming (I hope), and I won’t need anything more.


This seems unusual to me… Sure, Everyone* knows that there’s weather bugs and Micrasobo (Can I start calling it that to save time?) have come out and said they’re addressing it yet the ‘comparison’ shots they’ve released show their product versus the (current) weather engine.

*Everyone on here. A few people I know outside of these forums that have participated in MSFS that are just ‘casual gamers’ aren’t too phased about the weather/winds.

It seems deceptive (whether inadvertent or deliberate) to show comparison shots against the current weather engine status. I agree with @Arkhonist here. Wait for the patch to see what happens… If the internal weather engine is still largely flawed and inadequate for your needs even after it’s been fixed, then maybe look at this addon…

I’m also surprised that there seems to be the belief that the SDK/SimConnect in MSFS doesn’t accept weather injection? (I only heard that as second-hand information so I won’t validate it as the gospel) yet here we are discussing an Addon for MSFS that supposedly does exactly that.

I also doubt they’ll be as forgiving with refunds as Microsoft, if it turns out that the Internal weather engine ends up being vastly superior, once it’s ironed out properly.


I don’t know. The clouds look extremely similar to the ones we have in MSFS. The only differences I see are

  1. More accurate representation of real world weather (which Asobo can fix themselves)

  2. Smoother transition of different weather phenomena (which I think Asobo can themselves do, but I’m not sure if they would)

  3. Their source is NOAA weather (Idk if their data sources are more accurate than Meteoblu’s, I’d wager it isn’t)

  4. A more Comprehensive UI

We’ll have to watch this closely. We shouldn’t accept an addon that offers default MSFS clouds in a more prettier packaging


But in MSFS if you fly from a clear sky to a airport with heavy rain and in your arrival it changes IRL to overcas for example, in the sim will do the same, no?¿ I mean right now in the sim the weather changes with updates during a flight, isnt it?

I expect this, hope all understand my opinion,

let’s see what asobo prepare with weather functionality update. I expect also after that release some other bugs (hope not) so next corrections due our experience is highly recommended. Wait…


IMO they are trying to be ready to supply the lacks of the actual sim has, but in a few days its will be fixed so I can imagine what REX can do for us at that moment…

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I’ll keep an eye on this product, because I’m very interested in historical weather (marked as future development) and I don’t know if MFS will offer this even after fixing the weather engine. Hope so!

Same will be if ActiveSky will enter the arena

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I think the biggest difference is that REX will be using METARs as a method of data input, whereas the default simulator method is not tied to an airport, but an area model. This means that with default weather, you’re going to get winds that are probably thereabouts, where as REX products, if similar to previous versions, will probably build models for weather based on a network of METARs.


No, the weather in its current state is not working correctly.

You get overcast when it should be CAVOK and you get CAVOK when it should be overcast sometimes. Even if wind works, it is always off from actual data and the same goes for temperatures.

I know, FS2020 uses a properietary weather model that will always be a little off from reality but otherwise be consistent. REX and later Active Sky will just bring back actual METAR based weather back into the sim, since Asobo seems to have no interest in doing so.

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I have confidence in swiss precision. I don’t need BS UI addons.


it’s only an announcement… the product is not available.
IMO they should have been working on REX for P3D v5…
For sure I will not buy a “duplicate” add-on!

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no no, im talking with it fixed

about this

what about the weather in the vicinity, for example 300km away any aiport

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