Real fog / low visibility

Weird, because in my almost 500 hours of flying I’ve never encountered visibility low enough to make an autoland. Maybe once in a rain… but that’s not fog. And I’ve been flying all around Europe… autumn, winter, spring and now summer. Yet fogs were/are non-existent.


This coincided with a series of bad storms across the Midwest and the South of the US, it was actually pretty neat storm chasing. I racked up a lot of IFR hours during my cross-country trip.

Because there is some misunderstanding whether or not fog is possible (it is), I created a new vote here:

Fog is possible (via live weather or presets), but what we really need is a Visibility / RVR slider in the Weather Settings dialog so we can set accurate fog at any airport without having to use workarounds or live weather.

If this is what you want, please vote at the new thread.

Actually, the request already existed:

We don’t have Visibility/RVR sliders, because MSFS’s weather system isn’t humidity based. That’s precisely the reason while “fogs” in game are not fogs at all. I’d really like to see fogs with visibility less than 200 meters, but that’s impossible in the sim at the moment.

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While the method may be different, I have seen on many occasions where visibility is very low. On takeoff I can’t see the 1000ft markers, sometimes even less than that.

Given two different methods of attempting to represent the same thing, using ground level clouds vs actual fog, how would fog differ visually if simulated correctly?

Maybe this autumn/winter will be different. Because last year the “weather advancement” bug was present I’d say constantly… it meant that from around 20Z to 08Z next day the weather was absolutely wrong and was actually many, many hours ahead.
In Central Europe that meant zero radiation fogs etc.

Using ground level clouds doesn’t give you CAT III a/b/c conditions. Properly simulated fog would give you CATIIIc conditions without problem, the decision height and RVRs can be virtually zero and you’re still able to autoland.

Also - the runway lights in sim are way too bright and can be seen at unrealistic distances. Tweaking that would make landing in foggy weather much better IMO.

I suggest this video if you want to see what a proper fog looks like and what we’d like to see in the sim:


It wasn’t until the callout was “30…20” that you could even see the lights. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that thick in the sim.

Even if there’s no slider as such in weather menu, I would expect sim to atleast match the real visibility as per METAR which it doesn’t do atm. There are regions in which maximum visibility (without rain or fog) doesn’t exceed 6SM more often than not but sim shows crystal clear surroundings.


Can everyone please transfer their votes to the following similar thread because it has way more votes so more chance for things to be fixed:

On the latest feedback snapshot it is “under investigation” with a double rising vote trend, so things are looking good. It won’t hurt to push the issue even more though. Just vote on the other thread.

Haze is also a big issue. even when HZ is present in IRL metar, it does not appear in sim. For places in the ME such as DXB or BAH, this is an issue as it looks way way to clear, especially in the summer months. Changing the aerosol value improves this a lot, however I’ve noticed the live weather doesn’t seem to ever change the aerosol value even though, when looking at meteoblues site, i have found they have aerosol maps, these values however have not been put into the sim by the looks of it

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This is how the following METAR should look like

VIJU 280330Z 2806/2818 16005KT 6000 FEW025 SCT100 TEMPO 2812/2816 34005KT 6000 FEW025 FEW030TCUCB SCT100

Yes I think you are correct. The aerosol setting is not implemented in real weather (yet). I think I saw a discussion on this shortly after release, can’t find it now though.

Any thoughts that this would be introduced within SU7?

I have recently encountered fogs at EDDM… much more frequently than at other airports around Europe.
Two issues though:
Visibility/ceiling still too “high” even in the most foggy of fogs. Borderline CATII/CATIII conditions, I haven’t encountered ceilings less than 200 ft or indefinite ceilings (vertical visibility - VER VIS).
Some airports get fogs very often, even when there are none IRL and at some airports the fogs are nonexistent even when it’s like the third day in a row with a fog.

I believe that in SU7 when the METARs will get blended more “properly” with Meteoblue model, we’ll get more fogs because of a more precise weather model.
I don’t know if the visibility/ceiling will be different though, I think that will come later in 2022 as Jorg said with the even better weather system.
We’ll see.

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I wish to see more to be honest. Almost 4 days in a week, the weather is foggy in EDDM, but whenever I open a flight just to test it, what I see only scattered clouds or some low level clouds and they don’t reduce the visibility really.

Fingers crossed for the SU7 though.

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Well I don’t know about you guys but I’ve made my first proper (NO DH) autoland yesterday.
With all its quirks the weather system has, we finally have real deal fogs.


Great for you. As I mostly fly VFR I’m grounded the best part of the year.

I agree, low visibility conditions are finally here, although not a perfect implementation as of now since it’s strictly based on METAR for particular airport. I noticed some abrupt weather changes especially if there are multiple weather stations close to aircraft’s position but nevertheless, a HUGE shout out to Asobo for integrating METAR visibility conditions into live weather.


With all due respect, a “sim” is not supposed to give you the best possible flying conditions, you still have weather presets though.