Realism in this Sim... What about " Change the Weather and Day Time" whenever you want , wherever you are?

Talking so much about Realism in this Sim , some of the issues i dont like at all and for me one of the main " Realism, and thrill stealers" is the option to just change the daytime and weather at any time , wherever i am and even if i am in the air in trouble beacause of not having checked the weather good -

I just change it ?!? …

Camon, what is this …

I ve been Paragliding in real life for years , once your in the air …with that movin, most atmosferic sensible rag over your head , one wrong “weather check” means DEAD… thats all…

I love to fly Bushmissions . The biggest Thrill about this is not finding and landing in a small Airstrip in Idaho (for example) more than that it is to start a trip at certain Daytime ( maybe too late ) and the wether is getting really bad… Wind from the wrong side, clouds coming down , maybe Rain !!
I will still try it !! Better than staying on ground the next days because of bad weather prognostics for the rest of the week…

But… what ever " Mission Maker " i use like Bush Trip Injector or those beautyfull like North-and Central Idaho Bushtrips, there is not a way to programm to be “FORCED” to fly this mission at a certain DAYTIME and certain WEATHER. In FSX so many as so as me loved to fly those “missions” and you where forced to the preset like those “Alueten Mission with a Grumman Goose” having more and more deteriorating weather… Ok you could change settings but only by changing the whole settings of you sim .

I WISH I COULD MAKE or buy Missions with a strong predefined WEATHER and DAYTIME PRESET.

Or just in the mode : REAL LIFE WEATHER means and stays as REal Weather and Daytime

Thats the CHALLENGE !

Select “Live players” in multiplayer settings and you’re done.

Also: how about “just not changing it”?

To add to that: how are you feeling about the ability to change your W&B (and fuel) mid flight?


I don’t understand. You are complaining about the option to change the weather… but it’s optional. Don’t use it if you don’t like it? :smiley:


Such a silly thread. More options for users is a good thing. If you don’t like changing weather, then don’t!


This is ridiculous, get a grip.


It’s a feature you don’t have to use.
I love changing the weather, because it allows me to create that dramatic and beautiful cloud pallet.
Yeah and if I feel like to fly with realistic “weather”, I just press one button, live weather.

Pretty neat huh


Complaining about having the option to change weather is really weak, I don’t understand the logic… just don’t use it if you don’t want to.

The later point however is fair enough - While I’m not particularly bothered by it, it would no doubt be nice for some to be able to script a weather sequence… eg starts out nice but then a weather front moves in as the flight progresses. Obviously you can somewhat achieve this just by altering the weather as you go but that’s definitely less immersive than having the sim do it automatically according to your pre-defined script. Something like many racing games offer where you have multiple weather slots running sequentially would probably suffice.


“about what MSFS topic could I complain this morning ?.. Ah ! yes ! Too many tweaking possibilities !”


So if you slam into the side of a mountain in the sim do you want to actually lose your life?


He, he…

first… i am not complaining about beeing able to tweak in general, specially the weather.
second… no i am not one who likes or finds something to complain everything and so on…

But there is something like … there…´s a Sim and there´s a game or “realistic Sim” or " Arcade War thunder" and something in between and allways a big discussion about this … what is real , what is not… So please dont put this just as a “silly stupid thread”

I am personally simming for years now and its the only “game” i play on PC.
Flight Sims

I know all that discussions for YEARS!! FSX, DCS, IL2 Sturmovik… I ve been flying many years Missions in FSX where specially the coming changing weather was the Challenge and the Fun ( for me …maybe not for you ) . And only that , and it was made for ; The changing weather will result as a challenging , thrilling goal to accomplish.
You could , if you reall ydont want this , change this in the presettings of the sim (but at least not in the middle of the air just beacause you dont see nothing in the clouds, or how about a slider that gives you sudden 2000 HP and 400 ktas speed to get out the clouds… ho, ho how fun this is … !!!
What i am talking about is for example this: I ve been “making” and offering Missions (like many others) for IL2 STURMOVIK - IL2 STURMOVIK VR - "HIMMELFAHRTSKOMMANDO JU 52" fictional Adventure - YouTube , in this case the main challenge was to get down thru the clouds (at the right canyon, valley ) and get up again thru a hard climbing thru the dense clouds with certain weight at limit , without crashing into the mountains , because you know exactly where you are . Thats the mission . Once you have decided to download and fly the mission thats the challenge and it wont be changable so easy once you have started. Yes you can put your Sim Settings from the beginning as undesructable , but if you downloaded it you want to try with this weather settings beacause thats the challenge…

… back to MSFS … we will see what happens once MSFS is on X BOX …

he. he …

That’s a really weird request not to be able to change the wx while in the air.
What’s next? Removing the pause function while in the air?

In case you didn’t know, both of the above features are available in multi million dollar Level-D sims and I wouldn’t call them arcadish due to these features.

Btw, I don’t know what the ability to change the wx has to do with the xbox version.


Yes that would be indeed a nice expansion!!
The option to create a weather script.

Something for on the wishlist!!


Yeah Man ,

thumbs up

finally :wink:

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I think the title of this thread is misleading then, if the main thing you’re worried about is the missing configurable weather transition in the bush trips.

That’s also why many reply it to be a silly topic since the basic assumption that changing weather and daytime is not unrealistic for a simulator and totally optional.

I agree - you shouldn’t be able to do anything in the sim that you can’t do IN REAL LIFE! e.g. Change the weather, compress time to shorten flight time, jump to a different position without actually flying there, flying without owning, renting, borrowing or stealing an actual (real) plane, not getting stuck in traffic on the way to airport, surviving an horrific crash without a scratch, flying without the appropriate licence/clearances and not being arrested, turning off airframe stress damage…etc.

While ever we can do these things that are not possible in real life, there is no realism!

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There’s an easy solution for this problem - don’t change your weather. Keep it on Live Players and never move it. Problem solved. You then never have to deal with that pesky temptation and lack of self-control to change the weather mid-flight.

For the ones who are interested, I’ve made a new wishlist topic according to the discussion above.

Voting can take place.

Kind regards
Sim pilot Mark✈️


Or an option to record the weather. I’ve had amazing flights with live weather which can never be replicated since it’s due to the specific weather conditions at the time. However it also makes those flights more special, knowing they’re pretty much once in a lifetime experiences. The clouds will never be in the same place again etc.

What would be extremely helpful is have the server record the last 24h or maybe even last week of weather so if you change the time with live weather, the weather changes along to what it was at that time. Perhaps it can use weather forecasts for moving time into the future. It would be cool to see a storm come and go while setting the camera down somewhere and crank up the sim rate.

As far as I know that is already the case.
I can be wrong though as I haven’t tested this myself, but if you change the date and time I think you can experience the weather it was at that given time.
But my guess was wrong.

I did a search and this came out as a result.

I think this is pretty much what you and I think many others would like to see.
I already voted😉

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The fact that this is a simulator is the exact reason why it SHOULD be possible to instantly change all parameters.
I don’t get your point.

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