Realistic Dangerous Weather - Physics Simulation

while flying through stormcells, big cumulus clouds, strong thermals or just having bad weather in general:

  • possible loss of control

  • if a certain wind speed exceeds the maneuverability of an aircraft, that’s how it should be simulated (please no more sugar-coating)

  • realistic turbulence behaviour

  • realistic up & down draft strength (there is a lot possible in real life)

  • wind shear, gusts, microbursts, hail

  • rain / snow physics effect on the airplane (worse lift, greater drag)

  • Hypoxemia & Oxygen system

In real aviation it’s vital to check the weather and weather forecast / API to make a decision which route you take or if it’s even possible to fly.

It’s not necessary to do this in MSFS because everything listed above is simulated only to a certain extent, just visually or not at all.

It would make flights much more lively and fun in general if you would consider to simulate realistically the dangerous side of aviation. So here is the Wishlist topic. :slight_smile: