Really been looking forward to VR, but not sure whats going on.. Help

Really been looking forward to playing mfs 2020 in VR mode, but its been over 2.5 hours stuck on this section of the download;
(1/46] decompressing asbo-vcockpits-instruments-nasystewms-0.1.74.fspackage…
1.92gib remaining
Is this normal or am I missing something?
BTW: I am running my pc hardwired to the router and not on wi-fi.
Also am I posting this in the right area or should I be going elsewhere?

If it’s been stuck for so long, I’d say just restart the update.
Is this a clean install or just an update ?

If a clean install and stuck, do check content manager once it’s done, it failed to install anything over the mandatory package after a restart during initial download. Which sucked. :slight_smile:

this is the mandatory update out today 12/22/20 for the vr

Yeah, can’t say what will happen ofc, since the content manager is garbage (let’s face it), but since you have been stuck downloading for so long, a restart shouldn’t hurt. The sim should remember what it downloaded already. Give it a go, you can’t make it worse than not being able to play :slight_smile:

As an idea, the update took me only like 20 minutes or so to do (was downloading at around 40mbps, which is very slow but that’s content manager speeds).

i’ve rebooted once already just before i posted, but ill give it another try and see what happens.

I don’t get it, its just not doing anything.

if you go to

Either there or in Official/OneStore , anything that looks like what it’s stuck on downloading ? It wouldn’t be in a folder of its own.

When it failed on me, I had the failing files there, and once I deleted them it worked. Can’t remember the exact path, but I guess you can search for the file that’s stuck there, and just delete it.

ok, thank you will give that a try

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