Really Impressed with the Xbox Series X version

It takes a bit to get used to. I play both PC and Xbox… I am starting to look at flight sticks for the Xbox.

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I’ve been playing since alpha on a rc controller. It actually works quite well since I’m used to subtle movement when using it to fly drones. But I’m itching to get a stick or the Honeycomb yoke to increase immersion.

I’ve hooked up my newly built desktop to the 4k Samsung OLED a few times and loved it. But my wife wasn’t too fond of it. :wink:

Now you have me seriously thinking about a series X…

Yes, the X is a lot of fun… late at night on a comfy chair and a big TV is wonderful. I’m still getting used to navigating the buttons with the Xbox controller. Other than that it is great.


Pros & Cons. Having flown FSX since day 1, I have a good flight stick, and Cessna yoke and throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals. Unfortunately they are not compatible with my Xbox.

For now on Xbox I’m using the game pad and and wireless keyboard with mouse, it’s OK but nearly as immersive as the Cessna Yoke set up.

I do plan to buy either a yoke or stick for the Xbox at some point, but waiting to see what the reviewers say, and for more hardware choices to be released.

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can you elaborate on how you got the Hotas buttons mapped? I have that mapping issue, with some non functional buttons and mappings showing wrong buttons.

What i did is start with the default setup then look at how the keys are bind and change them 1 by 1 to what i wanted that way I was sure every key worked and not duplicated. First I tried to do it the normal way and use the input to bind keys but doing it that way I ended up with 4 keys doing the same thing. So yeah start with the default and then change every key from that.

Great to hear you’re also enjoying it, Been flightsimming myself since the very fist Microsoft Flight Sim released many many many years ago when I was just a kid ( I feel very old now lol ). Still also playing it on PC now because of custom made airports and because of the Saitek Yoke I use on that. But using the Xbox now a lot more because of how it looks and plays, also with what you said nice big cockpit and much easier to read everything too but yeah It looks amazing. Bought a Hotas One stick just for the sim on the Xbox and plays great. Only the mouse issue bothering me but hopefully that get fixed soon.

The graphics are wonderful, I have no doubts about that. But they need to launch FLYBYWIRE’s A32NX on XBOX, because the default A320 has broken AP. A32NX is a fantastic aircraft, it would be great to be able to fly it soon on XBOX.

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55 LG CX OLED here. Amazing…

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Not knowing anything about Xboxes other than in name, can FS2020 VR be implemented on these?

When on the PC with FSX the forward view wasn’t as realistic as the gauges etc were too small to so I was constantly zooming in to read them or using the expandable boxes to enlarge things etc. Now on the Xbox with 77” TV I can clearly see everything without having to adjust anything. On some planes (haven’t tried them all), I can see all that’s needed on my dash panel and the full windshield etc without even having to move up and down with the “look” stick.

As an aside I also have a decent home theatre system so I am getting sounds from all around me, much more immersive than my PC sound system with just 2 speakers and a small sub.

Glad to hear the flight stick is working good for you. I’m on the fence on what to do there? I have the gamepad dialled in where I like it, but it’s not a proper substitute for a decent stick or yoke.

Mr Bug how else do you explain the su5 downgrading sim and it running smooth for Xbox.

Mr. Bug, lol… that actually made me chuckle. I’m sorry, not trying to mean so I do apologize. I just think it is wise to wait for the developers to respond to the current climate before we make assumptions.

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The Hotas One stick is definitely an improvement atleast forme it is, eventually I want to get a new yoke system that works on both systems since the Yoke system I have on PC doesnt work on Xbox unless they add support for it which I hope offcourse. As a long time simmer (Since the first one in 1982, when I was a 9 year old kid lol) I enjoy being immersed with awesome visuals and the feeling as being there, the stick added onto that. Still play on PC too though because I got almost a TB worth of addons and mods which makes the sim even better, if only those would be on xbox but I heard i read its a possibility when the market place opens up to everyone later on. For now I enjoy the Xbox more as its also more stable, on PC i constantly CTD after a flight and going to main menu. On Xbox I had 1 CTD in an entire week, only the mouse issue that bothers me but for now I can live with it.

I am thinking the same, LightSerpant7. Once the series X has been purchased, what happens next?
Do you re-download the complete sim onto the Series X ? Does the X have access to the internet ?
Sorry for the dumb questions :anguished:

Series X has access to internet yes either wired or wireless, wired I recommend as its faster. Yes you have to download the sim and addons you bought through the ingame marketplace. Good news though if you own the sim on pc if you bought it through the microsoft store then you already also own the xbox version. Or you can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which is well worth the not even 15 euro’s a month then you get the flight sim for free with option to upgrade to premium or deluxe.

Thanks for that info. My PC installation is from Steam.

Then best and cheapest way is get gamepass ultimate and upgrade to premium or deluxe version of msfs from that if you get an xbox, series x is recommended, more power lol

Yes if I cross over I would get the Series X.
One more dumb question…If it possible to get CTDs on Xbox ?