Really Impressed with the Xbox Series X version

Been flying on Xbox for the past couple days and I’m really impressed with how amazing it looks on the big screen in 4K. Offcourse I will still also play it on the pc but on there I dont have a 4K monitor yet. And yeah there is some degradation in graphics on PC but on Xbox it looks better then the Ultra settings I get on PC right now so my gues is that there is degradation only on PC with the Xbox running a higher quality or something.

Great job on getting it to run on Xbox like this Asobo / Microsoft. And specially getting to look and render this amazing. Thanks.

Only problem i keep having is the mouse freezing up on the screen, buttons keep on working and scroll wheel to but cant move the mouse anymore and it happens so randomly sometimes i fly for 2 hours and then it happens another time i fly 4 minutes and it happens. Posted about that issue here Losing mouse control on Xbox Series X

Other then that it works great with no problems.


Easily the most next-gen game on Series X (or S) hardware right now. I’m still working through the flight training and now and then, discovering new places to fly to.

Thank you, Asobo / Microsoft, amazing work.


Definitely the most next gen game there is right now on those systems for sure, I enjoy the chill flying on there. Now also using the Hotas One on it and works amazing after some troubles since the key bindings are not labeled correctly but after some work I have it working perfectly. Just hope they fix the mouse issue.

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It you’re impressed with the Xbox S X you should have seen the version we had before this one came out :wink:
One of the biggest changes in this version is the draw distance.
I disagreed with the guys that mentioned the graphics were lowered.
Went back to my old screenshots and it turns out they were right.
Although I think the Xbox S X is a capable machine they definitely had to make sacrifices on the visuals.


I been flying it on PC I know aboout the degradation like I already mentioned in my first post, been flying this sim since early alpha last year and yeah they sure did a step back on PC but on Xbox for some reason they gave it the version we had before the update on PC. It’s strange but hopefully be fixed at some point.

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Running both Xbox and PC… agree, the Xbox version is amazing! Running on a large 75" HDR TV and its overwhelmingly beautiful. The neighbors where over the other day and they were hooked. I believe the PC version will be fixed soon and the graphics will be restored back to what they were.

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I’m enjoying on Xbox, apart from all the CTDs!

I’m interested how the LOD system works on XBOX, the PC version was due to get it, but it got held back.

How noticeable is it? If you have both versions, how does it compare?

just give it a rest already.


Seems clearly that the SU5 build is the XBox build with the dedicated console optimization.

I wonder why not having 2 branches. Unless they discovered that the new refactoring to the core engine for the sake of performance is pausing some issues on PC if they keep the same terrain rendering parameters as before. Just a thought…

I can’t wait for the live Q&A to hear what action item will be taken on this PC regression issue.

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The Q&A cant come soon enough! Its going to get a bit crazy and I would imagine it will be the biggest audience to date. Developers beware, there will be a lot of questions to answer with this one.

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I also have MSFS on PC/Windows 10 and Xbox Series X. I’m really enjoying doing a Discovery Flight on PC (medium graphics) then doing the same flight on Xbox. WHAT a difference in performance and graphics!

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By the way, a LOD: 5.0 in the Cfg (that no one must edit usually), bring back more or less the SU4 rendering perimeter. Yet with some Blurry aerial imagery on its edge.

Agree I’ve been impressed.
If they fix live weather and altimeter bugs I will be hooked,since I’m mostly interested in the A320 . Here’s hoping they give it the support it needs on Xbox


Did you have to buy both versions?

I recall a discussion on the forums over year ago ( I was an original alpha tester) that it would be one license to cover both platforms. Just wondering as I already own the PC premium deluxe edition and might eventually buy a Series X if that is true so that I can fly on the big screen.


New Series X Xbox and new LG 77” OLED with game optimization controls = Mind Blown

The cockpit on my screen is bigger than the actual aircraft. LOL

This is coming from an FSX veteran thats has gone through 2 $4,000 computers and countless hours tweaking. Those days are gone!!!


Looks like those XBOX tags are working a charm.

I’m curious. Is it easy to play and get around with just the controller? I mean as far as changing altitude, turning on ap etc?

Yes, one license covers both the PC/Xbox. The only thing you cant do is play them at the same time.

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Agree, also playing on a 75" Qled TV. Absolutely blown away!