Really liking the new cockpit interaction method (update)

Much easier to be able to grab a knob in turbulence and make adjustments then it was to try and keep mouse hovered over knobs.
Also PSA if you want to set heading bug to current heading Select with hold left click and then RIGHT click.
Also if you want to remove the new UI info for buttons/switches its in accessibility options under “Instrument Tooltips”

Update: New control method offers functions that were tricky before, like getting the TBM throttle to move right or left for shutdown/start.
Also pretty useful for night flying and as already said turbulence, im definitely going to stick with Lock mode and i would suggest those on the fence at least give it a shot.

Also is it just me or does night look waaaaay better now.


I also liked it, but now my mouse controls go crazy in the menu… I switched the mouse profile to “default” because otherwise the “lock” interaction did not work. That was a mistake… Now if I hover over a menu point, it clicks “automatically”. Anyone else seen this?

in general I agree, but I cant toggle the HDG switch in the A320 anymore.
I can dial in a heading, but not flip it up or down to toggle between manual and automatic mode…

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Have you tried left click hold, then right clicking? also try turning on the accessibility “Instrument Tooltips” it might show in there how to interact with that knob.


The performance improvements are indeed quite good.

personally for now this new interaction is rubbish.

is there at least a way to rotate knobs using the mouse wheel after locking?
moving the altitude selector from 1000ft to 20000ft is an exercise of click, move mouse, mouve mouse back to the button, click, move mouse, move mouse back to the button, click, move mouse and repeat while(true)

seems a purely console-oriented mode that is being forced down our throats.


yeah, just did. no help.
It is the FBW A230 Mod I am using.
all the autopilot knobs can be turned, but not pushed or pulled.
Same applies for switching the altimeter setting. cant go to STD or back, but turn to dial in the correct value.

I haven’t played with it much yet but it seems like anything with “up” or “down” options (like 3 position switches and knobs) are operated by the mouse wheel.

For the A320, if you are using Locked mode, how do you pull the lever down or up to select Managed speed mode or Selected speed mode?

It’s not forced, you can revert from “lock” to “legacy” mode in the settings.

Yes. Hold LMB to lock, then just scroll the mouse wheel while holding LMB.

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not working here. perhaps some mapping to be added to the control.
here we go again.

I am just waiting for 3rd parties to embrace the console interaction and not support “legacy” (nice naming there btw).

I agree, it is rubbish, I get back to legacy mode.

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I went back to legacy as well.

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Yes that works, but: When you have zoom also on mouse-wheel and you are locked to a knob, as soon as you do not point on the knob with the cursor anymore (which you cannot see because the cursor disappears when you are locked) the knob still turns with the mousewheel but you simultaeously zoom in and out. :smiley:
By the way, you can also use the mouse wheel without locking but just pointing and the using the mousewheel (like in the legacy mode).

Ah and if the locking does not work: try resetting the mouse controller setup (or make a new one and set this to default values).

This update has turned what was a budding simulator into a toy game … i cant swear here but if i could there would be lots of it … my cam is just slowly spinning by itself and i cant stop it the sim has reset to kid/arcade mode and at the moment i cant even see the plane only the seat as it slowly rotates by


i really like this new update, it all looks amazing… except the white dot when im in the cockpit, can anyone please tell me how to turn this pointer dot off? its really ruining it for me

I think you would need to switch back to legacy control mode (default Locked) located in the accessibility options menu.
That or perhaps Accessibility - Instrument Tooltips also works i think.

How to remove the blue / yellow highlight of the switches when mouse over / using them?

Well clearly not everyone is a fan, im going to continue using it for a few flights and continue to get used to it.