Red Wing L-1049 Update?

Has anyone tried out the new v1.6 update of the Super Connie? Their website hasn’t been updated but I got a mail saying it was updated. Is anyone able to tell the outside textures look better now?

Many changes have been made.
External reworked 8K textures AIR FRANCE BREITLING and TWA liveries
On apron use clipboard to open/close/active:Stairs, doors, cargo doors, GPU, services, chokes
A full paint kit blanck painted and metal is available in 8K with PSD
Visual damage Aileron, elevator, rudder

New fuel system including 15 valves 67 lines and 15 pumps for realistic pressure gravity and fuel flow , fuel dump.
New PID and Moi for propellers
New starter system including GPU and generators
AI FE maange cowler flaps, cool flaps, max, climb, METO, cruise, descent approach power

Elevator Trim vertical speed adjusted
VOR 1 and 2 DME with Flight path integration
Altimeters and kolmans strip
F.E. desk with dynamic charts, fuel and oil autonomies
Wipers park position

bug and translation corrections
Fuel system


Initial experience is positive. AI checklist-driven procedures appear effective and I have taken off and descended using them. The newly-installed DME display will greatly assist VOR navigation. Only issue I have is that a QANTAS livery which was visible with the previous version is no longer so. I suspect this is due to the updated paintkit so I am confidant someone will create a new one soon.


Thanks for the report. Are you able to see an upgrade to the textures?

IMO that’s one of the big lacking places (compared to, say, the DC-6) but I’ve seen the devs mention upgrading both interior and exterior so I’m hopeful it will get up to that next-gen level

Textures are great, inside and out. Metallic reflections on the external model, especially the Air France livery, are very realistic and up to the standard I had hoped for.


Will the textures in the passenger room also be updated? That would be swell. At the moment this part looks a bit shabby in my view.

not sure but 3d inside is mentioned on their page

1.7 Cockpit and passenger area all reworked
1.8 3D windshield will be reworked
1.9 1049H CARGO version and alternate passenger area


2.0 Marketplace version ? or before 1.9 ?

Will L-1094 have a GPS navigation like what PMDG did for DC-6?


Markeplace will be 2.0


will it be PC only or is this an addon that is working on the XBox also ?

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Loved the preview of 1.8 :wink: L-1049 REDWING UPDATE 1.8 - YouTube

This video not only shows cool stuff but is also quite funny. It reminds me of the trailers for “My Summer Car” :smiley:

Hi, I installed the latest update but it’s not possible to move the aircraft. Chocks are removed, parking brake is released but the aircraft is not moving - i have no idea why ! (even when I use the the status “ready for takeoff”)

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Just downloaded from the MS store and tried to take my first flight. However, the aircraft does not move when you release the brake and throttle up…chocks are removed…please advise.

Try posting in the Redwings discord channel. They are very active and helpful there.

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Have you had any luck with the Connie? I seem to have the same problem with the sim. I have replicated the tutorial videos and the aircraft responds but does not budge.

Is anyone else also missing the clip board?

Checked on top of the glareshield/Dashboard?

Thanks! The only place I didnt go look for it!

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I do that with my glasses all the time… “Oh, man, they’re on my head”… and my keys… “really, they’re in my hand???”… and my phone “Geez, I’m talking on it, that’s why I can’t find it”…