Reflections are moving all time

Hello to everybody,

when I fly i notice that all water reflections (even on ultra) are moving (even without wind). That is absolutely not realistic. They moving and moving.

Anybody know why? When flying without wind they must stay on the water where they are, but there going front and back.

Thanks for tips.


Yes have noticed the same thing. No idea why this is happening. Maybe it’s related to scenery popping into view that SU5 introduced

Yes. The grainy reflections bug seem to have been fixed but instead this new one have arrived. It’s a major one for anybody flying VR. I’m on a RTX3080. Everything on ultra with no render scaling.

Right now, from my point of view, this problem is even more intrusive than scenery popping. Does someone know where could we vote to have this regression fixed?

I don’t know… Threat must grow i think. Don’t know why not more people get attention to this problem…

Agreed, I have everything on ultra with 100% scaling and the water reflections are constantly moving/jumping, it’s a big immersion breaker.
Reverb G2/3090/9900KS

Yes this is a thing with SU5

We can vote here:

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