Refocus development on airliners


The title says all.
Given the weekly updates of the wishlist by the studio I think it’s become clear that the dev team has lost track of what’s really important in this sim.
I think they should focus on giving clients value for their money. The arliners are beta products (if not alpha) and not microsoft worthy.

Asobo please refocus on making those flyable and make all cockpit systems work with no bugs. Also, no « Inop. » buttons please, just develop them.

Please don’t tell me to wait for payware. I have paid an extra 60.- or so for the package that contains the 787 so i can humbly expect it to be as good as PMDG or similar. What’s shocking is that it even seems that the dev team forgot about fixing the 787 issues.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your wish is not going to happen. MS long ago ceded the development of highly advanced realistic airliners to the third party community, and as frustrating as that can be, it actually ends up being a good thing.

If the default airliners were “as good as PMDG or similar”, they’d be of necessity very hard to fly, requiring a lot of research, reading, and learning before you could even turn the engines on. And personally, I like the super advanced, hard to fly airliners.

But if the default ones were like that, a very large demographic would run screaming away from the sim, that being the kiddos who are using their parent’s money to buy it in the first place. If they couldn’t fly a 747 by just starting in on a runway, with an outside the cockpit view, firewalling the throttle, and going off into the wild blue yonder, they’d have a hissy fit, they’d stop using/buying the sim and any addons they otherwise might have, and they’ll take all their friends with them. But we (and by we, I mean us serious simmers, who like reading and watching videos just to know how to turn on the engines, plus the devs, engineers, MS management, and all the other users need those kiddos to basically subsidize our fun (which would send them running for the hills) by way of the revenue and profits they provide to MS to fund everything else.

So get the WT CJ4, the FBW A32NX, maybe snag the CRJ when it gets released which I think is imminent, and be patient for the rest. MS is not going to turn their default airliners into PMDG equivalents, it’s just not going to happen.


The upcoming Sim Update is focused on flight systems and airliners (I believe, definitely flight systems), so let’s hope a lot is going to be improved


I completely disagree. Airliners have NEVER been a focus for any Sim Platform. Airliners should be built by the PMDG’s and the A2A’s of the world. Asobo and Microsoft should continue to do exactly what they are doing. Building the base platform by continuing to add the missing features like a particle system, building out the Navigation and Traffic Control databases, and refining the Flight model at the edges of the envelope. Your airliners will become better in a round about kind of way.



I have to agree with RuneDogg - get the general/base stuff right (including flight dynamics and atmospheric effects, weather, ATC, etc.) and working properly. Then, others can come in behind and develop ultra-sophisticated, highly detailed (some say ‘study level’) complex machinery for the one’s who are into that sort of thing, and the rest of the folks who are more into GA VFR/IFR flying can be happy and do their thing too.


That’s insane. You want default aircraft to be as good as the ones that take YEARS to develop for ONE aircraft and then sell for $140 for ONE aircraft. Good luck.


The 787 can’t even be turned on right now, is that expecting too much from default deluxe planes?


Of course not, and the things that were meant to be working must be fixed.
But the OP – not so humbly – demanded PDMG quality in the default 787, which is way beyond reason.


Flight Simulator as a marquee product has always operated in that fuzzy space between study and survey sim.

Argueably, whenever you have a product that has a wide span, there are tradeoffs to how deep one can go.

In this case, MSFS 2020 continues the traditional approach of wide, not too deep. The gaps and specialty spaces have always been there and always been intended for fulfillment by Third Parties. That was reiterated in earlier Dev Q&As that this process is working as intended.

None of the stock default aircraft are study level, and they never will be. Some are better off than others to be certain. But asking for a study level out of the box (not Third Party) is anathema to the Product Vision and Features.

I can turn it on.

Did you forget about this, at least they’re finally acknowledging it’s an issue on their end:

As I said, I can turn it on. The 787 works great.

I knew that mentioning « pmdg » was going to be a huge deal for some of you guys. That’s why i said « pmdg or similar ».

What i don’t understand is why is the game « finished » (or more « finished » since people here like to play with words) for general aviation and vfr fans while ifr/airliners fans need to buy extras to be satisfied? That’s not fair. I already paid an extra for the b787…

It’s been 6 months now since release and close to nothing has changed, we even went back on some aspects. Asobo is clearly not focusing on what matters really. And don’t tell me anyone cares more about castles in the UK than working systems in all planes, that’s basics.

They need to get their priorities right because MFS2020 is absolutely ridiculous at the current stage and the xplane devs must be laughing real hard

What part of DEFAULT AIRCRAFT WILL NEVER BE 100% SIMULATED IN SYSTEMS do you not understand? THAT is why payware aircraft exist. It’s just NOT in the scope of the project to have everything implemented on default aircraft. Don’t get me started on X-Plane.


I wholeheartedly disagree. It’s great fun to fly most of the VFR planes and with the A320NX mod, the airliners have at least one near-“study-level” plane. Doesn’t sound “absolutely ridiculous” to me.


Xplane xplane xplane xplane xplane

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Is X-plane a great sim or the greatest sim?

It’s definitely a better sim than mfs. World textures are better in mfs though.
However, i think mfs is really far from reality. The virtual world is way too clean and bright. Real life is dirty and dark!

Refocus development on LEGACY aircraft! DC-3, Strato, C-130, B-29, Constellation, F4U for starters.

It’s a poll. Great sim or Greatest sim?