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This post is strongly related to two others…

… and countless others pointing out incorrect ICAO for individual or batches of airfields, but this bug report focuses on the core of the issue (i.e. ICAO appropriation) and proposes/reiterates two solutions:

The Bug/Issue

Rather than creating pseudo-ICAO for airfields which have no real ICAO assigned MSFS instead appropriates (in an apparently random way) real ICAO for them. This creates two issues:

  1. a user who searches for an airfield with a known [correct] ICAO is taken to the incorrect airfield
  2. developers are prohibited from using the correct ICAO when creating/modifying the correct airfield


The proposed/reiterated solutions are twofold:

  1. re-assign all appropriated ICAO to their original, correct, real airfields (whether or not those airfields still exist)
  2. expand the internal pseudo-ICAO beyond just 5 characters (e.g. 8) to permit the use/creation of many more codes (for instance GB-0068 could then be correctly used for Gigha airfield, instead of appropriating EGDA, which actually belongs/belonged to Brawdy… and developers can readily create more random pseudo ICAO for airfields which have never been assigned a real ICAO)

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Many airports have their ICAO incorrect or indicate their IATA code, when will they be corrected?

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Good morning everyone.
As already published in another topic, I reinforce here that in Angola, many ICAOs are incorrect. Some are completely fictitious, others indicate incorrect aerodromes (that is, they are not connected to the real aerodrome) and there are even ICAOs from another country (Namibia) identifying an aerodrome in Angola.

I will be happy to help fix this, if you give me a format or table in which I can send the correct data. (Ex. Name/ICAO/coordinate/Country). Or if you accept a table from us with information from all airports, I can send it. As the solution to send photos of the areas with a description will be very extensive, in the case of Angola, it is not just 1 or 2 aerodromes.

Thank you for your attention and we hope this can be resolved in due course.

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