[RELEASE] F-35 with VTOL | Flight Sim Squadron

@kingdmac3365 and I have added the iconic F-35 with an attempt at VTOL capability.

More info, test flight videos and download link from Testing VTOL with F-35 – FLIGHTSIM SQUADRON

VTOL flight is optional and does require a bit of practice controlling a second throttle. It helps you have a HOTAS that has two throttles but can be mapped to other controls if not (neither of us actually have one).

How to use the VTOL:

There are 2 engines, the Primary Rear and the Vertical Take off (not quite 100% accurate but it works). I am still trying to figure out how to do this with 1.

Key Mapping:

You will need to map 2 engines to your keyboard or; Hotas if you have one, so you can control the increase and decrease of the thrust separately for each engine. I use the numbers 1 to 4 on my keyboard where 1 = Engine 1 Increase, 2 = Engine 1 Decease, 3 = Engine 2 Increase, 4 = Engine 2 decrease.

You can also map the spoilers to two keys to raise and lower, as by default these are not mapped yet. Spoilers will trigger the visual change also for the engine position and open the vents.

For VTOL, set Engine 2 to around 60% thrust and Engine 1 to 0%, and hit the spoilers (triggers the visual engine movement and adds drag)

Once airborne, scale back engine 2 and pump engine 1.

This has been a fun build so far. We put some money into it with some 3D model asset purchases, and spent a lot of time model tweaking. The plan is also to reskin the aircraft with PBR materials after we get the flight dynamics working properly but we think it looks good enough for a release now.

Would love to hear your feedback and items that need tweaking !


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