Release Notes for today's update?

Not yet in UK & it’s 16:04! :frowning:

not seeing anything in the store…

it is running

downloading now … about 500 MB in the store plus 33 GB (!) when starting the sim

same here, nothing in Microsoft Store yet

Release notes are here:

33 GIB for this update


If you don’t see the update in the MS Store, restart your computer and try again.
Standard Version on PC is a 16,09Gb download.

My store on Xbox show for me - 18,56Gb for download


it`s alive… NL

it’s old game - no uploads, what happens again?

alive here now in uk

And despite what they said on the livestream about a 17-18GB sim update, it’s showing as 33.4GB for me. Plus whatever else I will have to update in the Content Manager. Thank $DEITY for fiber internet.

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you need to update MSFS in the Microsoft Store first before the update manager updates MSFS

33.4 gig update…that’s massive…

What’s the difference between the 16.9GB on the disk or the 33.4 in the right corner? I have the premium deluxe DVD store version

Everything, CTDs, it will be so much better.

Hello, everyone. Received update in the CH. Microsoft Store 33.3GB
I’m curious. Happy landing :wink:

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Same here LMAO

Still nothing here in MS store…

im premium deluxe in 16gb update