Release Notes for today's update?

I’m wondering what is fix for Xbox version LoL

– waits for the panic and dozens of posts about where the update is when it isn’t live in the MS Store / Steam at exactly 8:00 PST –


2 minutes and go

Are we there yet … come on it 2 min to 11 wheres the update oh no delayed what oh never mind ;p

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and the servers will withstand a large influx of people who want to download the update?


It’s live now


Yup its just went live on steam as well >>>>woohoo hang on its gonna be a bumpy ride;p

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Update is live! I just got it on the Store and now in game update is happening.

me to in france to the store

529MB on the Store coming in. :slight_smile:

Not yet in UK & it’s 16:04! :frowning:

not seeing anything in the store…

it is running

downloading now … about 500 MB in the store plus 33 GB (!) when starting the sim

same here, nothing in Microsoft Store yet

Release notes are here:

33 GIB for this update