[RELEASE] Precision flying championship | TOP PILOTS

Hey there,

Top Pilots is a precision flying championship open to all and free. You have to realize several missions (skydivers drop, research, patrol,…) and land the plane perfectly. The better you fly, the higher your score and your rank. The 12 finalists will receive coaching by former Marine French Pilots and Patrouille de France before finals in november. Real flights to win !

Three training missions are already available.

It works with a small software to download on the website here.
Some actions are launched with vocal recognition in order to keep your hand on stick and stay precise.

  1. Register on the website
  2. Download the software
  3. Connect on the software, download missions and start a casual flight on MSFS
  4. Read the breifing, start the mission and fly !

Assistance is accessible here

Feel free to ask questions if any !
Can’t wait to hear your feedback and see your rank progress. May the best pilot win !
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