[RELEASE] San Diego Montgomery - Gibbs Exec Airport (KMYF)

The default Montgomery Field KMYF airport is great… but requires improvement: most taxiways and signs are inaccurate, some taxi blue lights obstruct movements, buildings are missing, there are windsocks everywhere… etc.

This is my first airport upgrade for MSFS. At first, I wanted to correct taxiway names and signs. The last version brings the brand new Crown Air FBO facilities and whole refurbished area like Gibbs apron, transient parking and much more!

Free to download at : Montgomery - Gibbs Exec Airport (KMYF) taxiway fix and many more • Flight Simulator 2020

KMYF is a public airport six miles north of downtown San Diego. The airport has three runways and lot of ramps and hangars. It’s one of the busiest airports in the U.S. for small aircraft and has a number of flying clubs, flight schools, plus business turboprops and jets based there. You also find San Diego Fire Department and the famous King Schools.

Features List

  • New taxiway names. C, A, H, G1, M, E are misplaced or non-existent in the stock MSFS version. They are updated in this scenery and are similar the official airport ground chart (for example via Airnav: AirNav: KMYF - Montgomery-Gibbs Exec Airport)

  • New taxiway signs and markings: all signs have been reviewed and updated

  • A single windsock at the right place.

Extra bonus (it wasn’t the initial project)

  • Missing airside buildings have been added according to the Bing Map photorealistic texture

  • Highly enhanced Gibbs Flying Service FBO (even on the other side of the street with Marv Golden pilot shop)

  • New 2020 facility Crown Air FBO

  • The underlying apron object covering most of the airport Bing texture is resized and now reveals iconic locations: business area with FSDO and Marv’s Golden, Casa Machado, west side of airport (to be continued), Gibbs FBO and more to come if you enjoy this first step.

  • New runway 5 markings

  • Asphalt patches covered all the platform to enhance immersion

  • … and more to come!

Please, continue the conversation and share your feedbacks here : [Freeware] San Diego Montgomery-Gibbs Exec (KMYF) - California