[Release v2.2] Cougar Basin - Halloween Special | Photosbykev

Cougar Basin is located central to the popular airstrips in Idaho, at 8100’ and 800+ feet long the grass/rock runway is usable by most small GA planes but be aware of the water close to the parking on the right hand side. To the east there is a 1000’ lake for the float planes to use.

The main Cougar Basin scenery is my playground for development ideas and is available here https://www.flightsim.to/file/9140/cougar-basin-pz12-idaho-playground

Also available is the Halloween Special add-on pack for Cougar Basin. If you love Halloween and horror then this pack will be a must have for the community folder :slight_smile: With surprises and animations around every corner it will keep you entertained for a long time or until you get too scared :slight_smile:

Just a few images to give you a taster of the Halloween antics happening in Idaho

Any problems with the scenery please comment on Flightsim.to

Have fun