Release: Working Title G1000 v0.3 - updated to v0.3.5 on 14 Apr!

Strange, but after around 10 minutes the PFD became responsive again and I finished flight with no further issues. The autopilot fixes are great! In fact (except for the issue already mentioned), this was probably the first flight in MSFS were I did a flawless IFR flight from start to finish, including SID, ILS approach with DME arc, (no relevant STAR for SEQM rwy 36). I even did a published missed approach :smile: No shenanigans from ATC made this a particularly fun flight!


Great work!!!

please note all MFD runways is seen according to the north even track up is selected

Thanks, @Coppersens, I’ve logged those as issues on our github to look into for our next point release. And thanks for reporting yours there, too, @Tomerhm.

It’s also been reported here and elsewhere that this disables synthetic vision on the G3000. That will be a priority fix for us.


another note - I think track up is nose heading up…
it supposed to be aircraft track :slight_smile:

Haha. Some of the underlying logic for this was already included by Asobo in the sim and was already in use with the airliners. And their original code references heading, for example:

if (this.bRotateWithAirplane && !this.isDisplayingWeatherRadar()) {
    var compass = SimVar.GetSimVarValue("PLANE HEADING DEGREES TRUE", "degree")   
    var roundedCompass = fastToFixed(compass, 3);
    transform = "rotate(" + -roundedCompass + "deg)";

We just made more stuff use that. But I suppose you are technically correct – which as we all know is the best kind of correct. It is indeed heading-up, not track-up. This is something we can make more canonically correct since it is, indeed, correct. :slight_smile:

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We just released the new version of the G36 mod! Lots of improved and new features and to be used exclusively with the G1000 mod!


how do i brighten up the display in the g36 nvm im an idiot


I’m having an issue where none of my screens show any display. This is in conjunction with the G36 mod v5 release. I’m fairly certain the avionics are live, as I can contact ATC through the sim dropdown menu. Only things in my Community folder are these mods, as any liveries are still out from yesterday’s patch. I had no issue running the G1000 mod v2 prior to the patch, and have made no changes in my sim since the patch.

When I put the G1000 file in my community folder, I am told the file names(s) would be too long for the destination folder.
It also errors with another file

Did you try removing the mods and see if the base game works for you? Then just add the G1000 mod and see if it works. Then you’ll know which mod might cause the issue.

Also I guess you checked the brightness of your displays already?

Is there a difference if you start cold&dark and start everything up manually?
Does it happen if you fly without any other traffic?

You have to help here on the troubleshooting since seemingly most people are not affected by this issue.

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TY for the shoutout :wink:

Gonna release the next version that uses the g1000 v2 tomorrow


Indeed, I’m the only one I found with this issue, so I knew it was on my end. Was off trying a few things, and traced the issue to a Windows update this morning that seemingly killed my ability to add either mod correctly to the Community folder due to a Path Too Long error. Changing the registry for LongPathEnabled (or whatever that tag was called) didn’t work, presumably because I have MSFS on an external SSD, so I had to move the mods over to the Community folder with Powershell, which worked. Everything is working well now, both mods are remarkable!

Now to research why Windows is trying to give me gray hair before my time…

I only have the C152 realism mod and G36 mod installed. When I try to install the G1000 V3, I get these two errors messages:



The Powershell thing, sure. Just follow the instructions on this webpage:
I extracted the mod’s zip to a folder on the same drive as my sim install, then opened up both that location and the Community folder in Windows Explorer, so I could easily copy the long folder location into Powershell, and I could see the folder arrive in the Community folder and check it right away for completeness.

In my case, in Powershell I navigated to where I put the unzipped mod, E:\MSFS_addons. Then typed “Copy-Item workingtitle-g1000 -Destination E:\WpSystem\ (etc etc, etc) \Community -Recurse” (no quotations in powershell, though).

The registry thing, which didn’t work for me (not really sure why):

See my post above Picka, sounds like you have a similar problem. I assume you installed to a different drive like I did but only specified a drive letter, not a folder. Makes for a ridiculously long location chain. I’m contemplating a fresh install, but I really don’t want to…

Registry hack to solve the too long filenames in Win10…back up your registry first…

How to back up win10 registry…

Yep, been to that site. That registry fix did nothing, had the same results as before.

Thanks a lot for this! great job! G1000 looks and feels way better now

Awesome thank you. Gonna give this one a go.