Release: Working Title G1000 v0.3 - updated to v0.3.5 on 14 Apr!

[Update, 14 Apr: version 0.3.5 has been released for compatibility with World Update 4, game version]

We were within a day or so of releasing the next version of the Working Title G1000 when today’s update hit. It didn’t make sense to spend a lot of time patching code that was about to be made obsolete, so we have focused instead on integrating the changes from the new sim version into our development code and putting the finishing touches on releases for the G1000 and the CJ4. After a fair bit of testing, I’m happy an announce that our compatibility update for the Working Title G1000 is also our full release of new version 0.3. There is a long list of fixes and enhancements in this version; a full inventory is available on github, but here is a quick tour of the key features:

Track-up mode

Everyone’s long-awaited favorite, the track-up map mode, has arrived. For simplicity’s sake we have not implemented the full drill-down into the configuration menu that you normally need to make to toggle map orientation. Instead, just hit the MAP soft key on the MFD and you’ll find a toggle for it next up to the NEXRAD button.

Better brightness control

The previous version of the mod offered software brightness control but ran into some issues with planes which had hardware knobs for controlling avionics brightness. Those required, in some cases, modifying the plane’s panel.xml, which was both annoying and posed problems for the premium and third-party planes.

That is no longer an issue. This version of the mod has new logic to read the configuration of the plane’s interior model and use that to automatically determine which knob to listen to for control of avionics brightness. Since this is done within the sim itself it works even with encrypted planes.

Autopilot fixes!

This version fixes what was perhaps the single most loathed behavior of the stock MSFS G1000: its tendency to flip an unwanted U-turn back to the previous waypoint when activating an approach. By careful application of our patented Unsuckotron™ we have managed to fix that. You should no longer find yourself doing a Crazy Ivan when you activate an approach. We also fixed a bug in which reversed the NOSE UP/DN buttons worked in FLC mode; they’ll now behave as a sensible person would expect.

Persistent settings

We had a breakthrough during the development of this version when @tavip on github sent us a PR which demonstrated how to use a new in-sim data store that we had not yet had time to play with. By using this we have been able to finally answer peoples’ wish for a way to save their G1000 settings. With this version numerous settings, including map orientation and brightness, will be saved between sessions. No more changing the same thing every time you load a plane. Amazing.

Extensible engine pages

We have enhanced the logic that drives the engine pages on the left side of the MFD. No longer are you stuck with one simple page that is the same across all planes. Now each plane is able to define its own set of pages and use an expanded selection of XML logic to enable it to better model real-world systems. On top of that, we have taken the same functionality we added to allow us to detect hardware avionics knobs and applied it to loading these configurations from a standalone XML file. This means it will be extremely simple to add custom panels to any plane without having to touch stock files – even the commercial ones.

Graphical updates

Our UI experts have put a lot of effort into redoing a large chunk of the interface to bring it closer to reality. You will find colors that are much more authentic along with adjustments to fonts and layout in a number of places that make your G1000 feel a little bit more like a real one.

There’s plenty more to be discovered, but that’s the highlights. My suggestion would be to check out the G36 first: it takes full advantage of our new extensible engine page code and shows off features that can be added to any other plane using the G1000 with just a little bit of work. As I noted yesterday, the next version of the community G36 mod will be compatible with this feature out of the box, and I’m working with the folks behind the DA40-NGX project to get them hooked up as well. There is documentation in the repo on how to enhance any G1000-equipped plane for those who may want to take on a little project of their own.

This is a huge update with a lot of changes following on a giant sim update with a lot of changes and there will probably be a few things that don’t work quite right, but we’ll do our best to get any incremental updates needed as soon as we can. If you check it out and something doesn’t seem quite right please let us know.

Enough talk, here you go:

Have fun!


Awesome!! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Great work!

Can’t wait to try this

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I just want to say THANKS, it’s working.
I really love the Engine, Lean and System page in the MFD

Highly recommended


Guys… I mean seriously this is amazing… in the modded G36… So good! Thank you.


Thank you for this incredible mod.

I have one wish, if it could be fixed:
At the WPT - Airport information page, would it be possible to have the current airport preloaded. Or at least, when you start typing, the current airport is the first that show up when turning the knob. I can see the current airport is already there a micro-second when turning the knob, but disappears.

FYI, not sure if known or not but the fuel used under systems is not working.

It “works” but it’s very crappy in the current implementation. It only tracks from when you open the system page so if you navigate away it resets. This has been redone for the future but it’s not in the current release unfortunately.


That should come up when we get around to redoing those pages. Personally I’ve mostly been working on the procedure planning pages and flight plan, but the nearest pages are soon to come ™


This is such a great add-on and for so many planes! Thank you! :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Thanks for the great effort. It would be great if “Engine” pages can be implemented on C172 like what we see on Bonanza G36 .

By the way, does this mod change anything related to G3000 on TBM ?

I have no modes other than this (G1000 V3) and somehow my G3000 has some new functions/features such as:

  • HPA setting * Track up
  • Baro STD feature (Functioning properly)
  • No syn vision on PFD (No option - Comes up as default)

Kind regards.

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I bet the people at ASOBO and MS who read this thread will curl up with envy. People actually way happy and saying congratulations and thank you!
And you people at ASOBO should be adding your thanks here too for some great community minded people who are doing your job.
Thank you everyone associated with WorkingTitle.


Amazing mod, the Bonanza is fast becoming my new favorite plane thanks to this and the G36 improvements.

Although, I am also getting the same issue as @RomanticChip953 for the TBM that I cannot enable synthetic vision (it’s now turned off by default).


Testing v0.3 together with the G35 release candidate now.
Noticed that when enabling display of DME/BRG1/BRG2 in the PFD, also my external view shows these values in the upper right corner. This doesn’t apply to wind.
But the left elements are cut off, so it looks as follows:

It’s not a major issue, and I don’t know if it’s a feature or a bug.

Not sure if I rather shall open a github issue for this or you collect the feedback here in the forums :slight_smile:

Other than that, everything looks very nice! Love the new colors, the LEAN page, Track Up is great, procedure preview…

One thing I noticed while on ground: The first leg in the map is sometimes getting white and then back to magenta. Not sure if this is a MSFS issue or caused by the mod. Once on track, the leg remains magenta.

Inflight it seems like the magenta color is not always displayed despite the leg being active and AP GPS is following it nicely. So it seems like a display issue (maybe z-layer priority?). It stays white for this leg, the previous legs were all correctly magenta when active.

Got an issue here with v0.3. Flying the C208 Grand Caravan from SKPS to SEQM the ALT and VS knobs on the autopilot panel suddenly became unresponsive around mid-flight. This happened whilst climbing from 15000ft to 18000ft. Most of the PFD is unresponsive, except for strangely enough HDG and CRS. I tried turning both avionics switches off then on again.

I got only liveries and airports in my community folder apart from the G1000 mod. Oh, and also Navigraph beta navdata.

Strange, but after around 10 minutes the PFD became responsive again and I finished flight with no further issues. The autopilot fixes are great! In fact (except for the issue already mentioned), this was probably the first flight in MSFS were I did a flawless IFR flight from start to finish, including SID, ILS approach with DME arc, (no relevant STAR for SEQM rwy 36). I even did a published missed approach :smile: No shenanigans from ATC made this a particularly fun flight!


Great work!!!

please note all MFD runways is seen according to the north even track up is selected

Thanks, @Coppersens, I’ve logged those as issues on our github to look into for our next point release. And thanks for reporting yours there, too, @Tomerhm.

It’s also been reported here and elsewhere that this disables synthetic vision on the G3000. That will be a priority fix for us.


another note - I think track up is nose heading up…
it supposed to be aircraft track :slight_smile: