Release: Working Title G1000 v0.3 - updated to v0.3.5 on 14 Apr!

I know the WT team was taking a break on the G1000 mod, but is further updating expected or is the project permanently iced?

The G1000 mod works fine with Sim Update 3

I dont know if the post above was directed to me, but I was talking about future enhancements

It’s not dead if that’s what your asking.

Just what I was asking and wondering about

I just installed the WT G1000, loaded the Bonanza, and nada. The load screen comes up on the MFD, with click here to continue. You do so and you go to the next screen (sort of) - basically blank. No map. No engine instruments. The PFD is black.


Ideas… check if addon was installed correctly… check if other planes work with the G1000… is this the ‘blank screen’ bug? try the workaround.

The readme file says:

“simply drag the workingtitle-g1000 folder from the zip file into your flight simulator’s Community directory.”

Which is what I did. Seems hard to do that incorrectly.

Ok… well the WT G1000 works fine for me. Keep at it, I have faith in you!!

Why did you even bother responding? Blocked.

You would be surprised. I’ve read some dragging the contents of the folder instead, or putting the mod folder inside another folder. They are the common ones.

Last time I tried 0.3.4, it broke OBS.

Saw elsewhere in this thread that you need the G3000 as well. I’ve downloaded that and giving it a try.

Are you running the stock G1000 then? Is it improved with the latest update?

Rarely fly G1000, but since the OBS patch came out for it, yes. I also have the G3000 mod installed though I doubt it is the latest now.

The first thing I noticed was the OBS button was gone, just like it was prior to the last major update.

Just installed the WT G3000 and nada. No help. Going to revert to stock and see how I do.

Stock Bonanza or modded? If modded add something like zz to the start of the aircraft folder in the community folder so that it loads after the WT G1000 loads, otherwise it won’t work correctly. If stock, check other aircraft as well, I may be remembering incorrectly but I think for the Bonanza it only works with the modded versions.

Stock Bonanza, I actually don’t have any aircraft mods, just some airport sceneries. I appreciate the reply.

Just tested on the stock Bonanza and all seems ok, so sadly out of ideas for you.

I think the GX mod conflicts with some of the other Working Title mods. Try disabling that if you have it.

Just to check.

You are reloading MSFS after dragging the mod files into Community aren’t you, as MSFS only reads the mods in the Community folder as it starts up?