[RELEASED] Aeroplane Heaven Spitfire Mk1

Just popped up at SimMarket.

Battle of Britain day too…

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Just need an Emil now …


That’s unexpected after all the fuss there was, I didn’t expect to see this one released before the DC-3

So much the better :slight_smile:

The price is ambitious though compared to the Flying Iron Mk. IX

Lord, I hope this is good!

I think they want to emphasize the higher quality (which is to be proven).
I am very excited for this one, as they held it back under the promise to deliver the best Spitfire ever released.

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Is it really that hard to place a short video of this plane direct at the shopping page. I dont get it.

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They do have a pretty good set of screenshots and info at the main page for it:

As do Orbx who also sell it:

meanwhile heaps of the usual suspects are reviewing it


I have the Flying Iron one which is pretty good and really great fun even though not perfect. One of the stand out features there I think are the sounds. I wonder if the in cockpit sounds of the AH version are quite as good. I don’t know. Not sure yet.

For me the key thing which would really differentiate the two aircraft is the ground handling (FI version is not there yet imo) and the level of systems depth. For me to buy the AH version (which I would) there would definitely have to be more systems depth than the FI one. Not too bothered about any better graphics or things like battery carts or anything to do with pilot models.

I will watch this space a bit.

Yay, another fighter… :frowning:
Gief DC-3 plx.

How can you moan!
It’s a flight simulator, I hope there are many more released alongside anything else.
It’s definitely turned into a spoilt world:)
Happy flying.

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Don’t take it too serious :slight_smile: I know that developing a plane is a time consuming process and the tracks were set a while ago. So no worries, I am not really moaning.
I’d still love more variety than fighters and 100kt SEP that we have at the moment :wink:
I am on the fence of buying this as well though. Just waiting for a proper review. And it is also available at orbx for those who do not want to buy at simmarket

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Well, she looks absolutely drop-dead gorgeous … just as you’d expect. Can’t resist adding another Spitfire to the hangar! Only had time to explore the cockpit exterior model and I’m very impressed with that aspect. Real world is interfering with my flying however, so the first test flight will have to wait :grimacing:


Wow this truly came out of nowhere, I hadn’t heard anything about it since it got delayed. I’ll be picking it up after work for sure. The FI spit is a great plane but I’ve always preferred the lines of the early Spitfires.

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Quick review.


  • Seems to fly well. Surprisingly easy to take off and land for a taildragger warbird.
  • Looks fantastic, lots of great features
  • flying with canopy back is great fun.
  • FPS for me at least are good

Downsides ?

  • The inop Reflector Gunsight is a bit disconcerting for anyone used to military sims as the reticule is fixed in place and does not move when you move your head :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: However you CAN turn the reticule off.
  • It spawns in the air or at the runway with alternator, fuel and mags OFF which is a bit odd and not working as expected.

Have not flown it enough to know if there are any significant bugs but so far so good.

Will make a video if I have time/

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On first impressions this is a great addition and is relatively straightforward to fly, although I am having difficulty turning the fuel pressure ■■■■ lever, if anyone has any ideas please let me know! Cheers

Same issue here with the fuel pressure ■■■■ lever. (I guess the word ‘valve’ is more acceptable here :wink: )

The 3d model is really nicely done IMHO… lots of little details that you often don’t see in a sim…


Does this have more systems depth/aircraft fidelity than the Flying Iron version?

I’m not too bothered about fantastic graphics just if it is realistic to fly :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the fuel pressure ■■■■ lever, I guess it isn’t functioning but it seems it isn’t necessary for engine start. Probably something that will be fixed in due course, seeing as they mention it in the start up procedures.

There is some weirdness with the engine sounds when in a dive. The governor limits the RPM (mostly) but the sound suggests it increases a good bit after the governor tops out…

The engine seems impervious to all my attempts to cause a failure…so pretty much what we had with the FI Spit IX when it was first released. It’s ground handling and takeoff roll are far more benign than the FI Spit IX. It should be to some extent of course as the IX was a more powerful beast.

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I think they have tuned it to be more accessible.

“Unique coding irons out that terrible MSFS “tail-dragger” behaviour!”
(Quote from description on SimMarket)

It’s still an easy buy for me. You can never have enough Spitfires! (Got the FI one in FS2020 already and of course in DCS and IL-2 also)